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Thermal Pad film missing?

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This may be a silly question but how do I know if the film is missing on the thermal pad? The pad was stuck to the plastic bag it came in and in the video it implies that the film is a different colour to the pad. My pad is just a monotone (putty) colour and when I’ve tried to peel any film that may be there I’m just picking at the edge of the pad which is then crumbling. If the film is not there can I still use the pad? I know the film is to be removed but would the film not being there mean that the pad will have degraded and not bond properly to the chip and case?


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9 hours ago, DavF said:

Thanks Nathan. It is sticky on both sides so must be missing. Is it still okay to use or will it not bond/hold sufficiently?

Nope, should still be fine to use. Thermal pads (and Pi chipsets) are much more forgiving than Intel/AMD CPUs and compound paste. :)

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