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Using flirc with an IR blaster?


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Hey guys!

So the Flirc is an amazing little device, i had some trouble getting it connected but i managed to work it out.

I was wondering if you could combine the flirc with an IR blaster or a SGS 4 for example which has an IR blaster built in?

That way i could make any remote a multi remote to turn on my tv, projector, stereo etc and not just for HTPC control.

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I don't know if I understand you correctly. Do you want to connect both Flirc and IR blaster to a single system (for example a PC) and use Flirc input to drive IR blaster?


It should be possible with help of some software stack to glue both together. Basically the software needs to catch input from Flirc and drive IR blaster software based on it. For example GhostEvent is capable of doing it and it has a plugin for IR blasters built-in, but it is Windows only software, so if you don't want to use Windows or you can't (if you use Raspberry Pi for example), then you need to find something else.

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Yes thats exactly what im talking about, has anyone tried this and could maybe make a quick guide on how to set it up?


I have never used eventghost so im gonna haveto look into it, but you're saying it should be possible to use the flirc to recieve the signal from a random remote and then use the IR blaster to send the correct signal?

Any tips on which IR blaster I should use or should I pop over to the eventghost forum?

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Sorry, I've never used IR blaster so I can't tell you with one to choose based on my experience.


The EventGhost has plugins for UIRT2 and USB-UIRT compatible devices. I've checked and at least the USB-UIRT plugin has the ability to send IR signals. The EventGhost also has a keyboard input plugin which can be used to capture keys recorded in Flirc. You do this by creating an action in EventGhost to send IR signal with the blaster and add a keyboard event to trigger the action.


To be honest, in your case I would go with just the USB-UIRT as it is a two-way device - it can both send and receive IR signals. The USB-UIRT plugin in the EventGhost also supports both directions and it have the ability to learn an IR signal from real remote to be used later with IR sender. Flirc is a very nice device but in this case it would be redundant.

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