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  1. Yes thats exactly what im talking about, has anyone tried this and could maybe make a quick guide on how to set it up? I have never used eventghost so im gonna haveto look into it, but you're saying it should be possible to use the flirc to recieve the signal from a random remote and then use the IR blaster to send the correct signal? Any tips on which IR blaster I should use or should I pop over to the eventghost forum?
  2. Hey guys! So the Flirc is an amazing little device, i had some trouble getting it connected but i managed to work it out. I was wondering if you could combine the flirc with an IR blaster or a SGS 4 for example which has an IR blaster built in? That way i could make any remote a multi remote to turn on my tv, projector, stereo etc and not just for HTPC control.
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