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Nvidia Shield Pro gen2 media and volume keys not working


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I have found that the media and volume keys dont work with the default preset on the flirc usb with the skip 1s. I have currently fixed this by mixing the keys provided for the kodi profile to get these keys working (also nice as I get extra keys, even tho these map to keyboard keys) and the shiled profile for power, back and home. Also wanted to add this is a great device and I immediately bought as soon as I saw linux support and how active the development is.

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Another interesting quirk is you can't use a keyboard, as the CURSOR ENTER works as an enter key and just immediately searches rather than interact with the keyboard.

Edit: this is at least with the default gboard

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Okay I have managed to fix everything after getting the flirc usb app working on linux. The power and select issues seemed to resolve after a firmware update, and the media and volume keys were fixed after remapping the keys (after starting up xev to show what keys where being sent it turned out the media and volume keys were all mixed up with eachother).

Again really loving this remote so far!

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