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Feature request: store last set state information and move activity functions to the activity buttons

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To operate logically and according to the user's expectations (from the perspective of a Harmony user), the Skip1s needs to:

- Store the state information about the devices it last set
- The activity buttons need to be changed so that they can be programed to also initiate the activity

The existing activity button functionality only sets the remote's buttons to correspond to given devices for control after which the power button is used to carry out the activity.  This is what takes Harmony users by surprise.  Their expectation is that an activity button should perform all actions necessary to set up the devices and in addition, the odd behavior when one wants to switch between activities which is the result of having to use the power button to initiate activities.

Unless I'm missing something, the Skip1s must power off the devices being used for the current activity before switching to another activity because the power button is used to initiate the activity.  First push of the power button turns on and sets inputs etc of the needed devices for the activity and the second push turns them off.  This if fine except for when you intend to switch from one activity to another rather than turn the system completely off.

If instead the A B C activity buttons initiated the activity AND the Skp1s stored the state information of what it has previously set then one could go from Activity A to Activity B by pushing the corresponding activity buttons.  In this case, the Skip1s would know what (if any devices) it turned on last so that if devices needed for Activity B are on it would leave them that way, or if off turn them on.  Additionally it would turn off any devices not needed for activity B that had been used for Activity A. 

The Power button on the Skip1s could retain its ability to be programmed but in general would be used as a global power off for all devices.  The only time I use the power button on a Harmony remote is to turn things off, and when I select an activity button on a Harmony all devices needed are turned on or left on and those not needed are turned off. 

I can understand that the Skip1s may not have been designed to work this way for what ever reason, such as patents, but failing that, the logic for how the remote must be used is not intuitive nor beneficial for most if not all use cases.  None-the-less, I really like the Skip1s, but getting my wife to use it has been problematic.

Best regards,

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