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I seemed to have broken my Flirc

Dan Hinsley

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As a developer myself, I find it useful to see a video of what is going on.  What this shows is first, something that isn't that important, but in case you didn't know.  On windows if you just enter flirc_util, the library dll doesn't find it, you have to actually enter flirc_util.exe.  Another thing is that you can't have the GUI up for flirc_util to work, which might just be by design.

Then I thought I'd erase the left control 2 entry and try to re-learn it.  But when I try, I just get erase cancelled.  I also can't get a new key to learn.  I click on the key to learn then emit the IR command, but nothing happens.  

And it appears once you get in a state, there's not way to clear things without rebooting.

Anyway, I'm sure it's something I'm doing wrong, but any help would be appreciated.


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Well, I got this working with the "atomic fly swatter" (as my old boss used to say) approach (by accident).  I was using flrc_util to try to just remove a couple of the keys, and for some reason it got rid of all of them.  So, I went back and learned them again, and they work now.  A couple of things though, at one point the GUI captured the mouse and keyboard and wouldn't let them go.  The only way go be able to do anything was by rebooting (using the ctl-alt-del screen).  I couldn't even use task manager to kill the app, since I couldn't use the mouse or keyboard unless I was in the ctl-alt-del screen.  The second thing is that for some (not all) of the ctl-<number> keys I leared, when I used flirc_util.exe settings, they show up at the shifted character (3 = #) even though the work correctly by just using the ctl-<number>.

If you would like any more details (or screen shots or videos) of the above, let me know.  But for now, everything is working.


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