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Hello guys,


I am new here and trying to grasp as much info as possible. When I heard that this little thing works with any remote I was quite excited. I have an old optimum (cable vision) remote here and I was thinking it would be perfect to work with my amazon fire. It also have the the tv on/off and mute button. Finally I can stop using two remotes. An I got my flirc today but can't get it to control the fire tv nor my windows 8 desktop with the remote. It says it records the buttosn but doesn't do anything.


I am not sure what I missed. If I use my lg remote, which can easily do the job, the buttons work except ff and enter(ok).

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How come it says record if it doesn't understand the data the button is sending it? I am testing on my windows desktop as well with xbmc and it doesn't do anything there either. The limitation can't possibly be fire tv. I am not sure where it is but it can't be the fire tv.


As of right now, both, the fire tv and xbmc on windows, seems to be working exactly the same way.


XBMC on windows does not understand my OK key from LG remote and neither does the fire tv.


XBMX on windows does not understand any buttons send from my cable remote and neither does the fire tv.


I had my hopes up. :(

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Before giving up I decided to play a little bit with the profiles and it turns out that boxee file works with some button on the cable remote. When you get a chance. Take a look if you have one of those. Perhaps you can make it work.

Also I was able to get my OK button from my lg remote to work by associate it with the boxee enter button. My tv gives this weird message everytime its pressed about no information available. Its not the best right now but it seems to be getting the job done until I find additional time to play with it.

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