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XBMC and gyroscope


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First of all you haven't told us anything about the streamer. Please provide at least the brand/manufacturer and model. A link to the device wouldn't hurt either.


People are using Flirc mainly with their PC, Raspberry Pi, Fire TV etc. If no one here used Flirc with the device you are asking about then it's not possible to tell you with 100% certainty it will work.


There are basically two requirements:

- USB port available on the device,

- standard USB HID keyboard support.


Both requirements MUST be met for Flirc to even have a change of working.


If the device has USB port please connect an USB keyboard to it and test some standard keys like direction keys, enter, escape etc. If it works then the Flirc should also work.

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HID is a standard for USB keyboards. It stands for Human Interface Device.


I can see that this device is under Android control. If you say that it supports USB keyboards then there should be no problems. But in the end the only way to know for sure is to plug it in and test it.

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Just anotht quesitonWill this FLIRC be a gyroscrop mouse? I want a direct controlled device.Was going to use an Apple TV remote.with it(the Flirc) I cannot stand a air mouse. I could never get one to work right when I had one. I hope i did not make a useless purchase with this X8 box.

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Sorry, I don't fully understand your question. I'll try to answer best I can anyway.


Flirc is visible to the OS and works as an USB keyboard. You first need to connect it to some PC or Mac and install Flirc software. This software allows you to record buttons or remote control and assign them to specific keys on the keyboard. For example you can map volume up and volume down buttons on the remote to vol up and down multimedia keys on the keyboard. Recorded buttons and their assignments are stored inside the Flirc so you can unplug it from PC and plug it into the device you want. When Flirc receives signal that you pressed volume up button on the remote it will simulate pressing on the volume up key on the keyboard which should make the device increase the volume.


Flirc doesn't have mouse emulation so it can't control mouse pointer directly. There are solutions for this but they require additional 3rd party software which controls the mouse pointer by detecting specific key presses. But I don't think this kind of software is available (or even possible) on the Android device. So I think it's not possible to control mouse pointer on the X8 at all.

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