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  1. mmmm,I think you may have answered my questoin. As long as a keyboad works the Flirc will do the same requests. correct. Basically all I need the Flirc to do is up,down,left and right.to run xbmc.
  2. Just anotht quesitonWill this FLIRC be a gyroscrop mouse? I want a direct controlled device.Was going to use an Apple TV remote.with it(the Flirc) I cannot stand a air mouse. I could never get one to work right when I had one. I hope i did not make a useless purchase with this X8 box.
  3. sorry wrong info. The box I am lookijng at is a Minix Neo X8 -H not the Neo X7 216A
  4. Minix Neo X7 216A. Keyboard works. USB ports. Whats HID keyboard support? Gyroscope remote is standard on the device I ws goiing to buy,but I had a gyroscope before and I could not use it. Just all over the screen and very hard to navigate.
  5. I just bought a media streamer and it uses a gyroscope mouse which I hate. Can I use this FLIRC to replace it? Please get back to me as soon as possible. I have this ordered and if there is a problem I may have to try to return it. Thanks TLM
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