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New Flirc broken or Firmware Bug?


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today i received my new Flirc from Amazon. Yeah!!! :D


But the big disappointment appears right after plugging the Dongle into the HTPC-Box. :mellow:  I'm not able to pair my own Keys, because Flirc-GUI pairs the keys itself!!! When i press the virtual key, e.g. '1' at the GUI, the key is immediately paired (i didn't press any key on the RC (-> One for All URC 7562)!). I tried this on a Linux and a Windows Box, the issue persists. After the unwanted pairing the virtual Key flickers green, just like the RC fires '1' rapidly. Checked this with a text editor where i can see a 'running 1'...


Is it possible, that the (or only my one?) Flirc is extremly sensitive against environmental/noisy light? When i cover the Dongle with my hand, this behavior of immediate pairing is gone; when i open my hand a little bit, the key pairs without any other action  :wacko:  :wacko:  :wacko:   ....I have no illuminations, computer case lights or others, that could disturb the flirc's IR-receiver, only low light.


After hours of playing around with it, googling, trying other settings....updated to the latest Firmware, clear config, switched Noise Canceler on/off, tried every Inter-Key Delay from 0-6....I'm really disappointed at this point, Flirc is unusable for me :angry:


Can anyone help please? Is this a normal behavior??? :blink:  Or is my Flirc broken or is this a Firmware bug?






My settings:


flirc_util version v1.2.6 [v1.2.6]
  Firmware: v2.6

  sleep detection:  Disabled
  noise canceler:   Enabled
  inter-key delay:  0
  state:            0
  builtin profiles: Enable

Memory Info:
  keys recorded:  6
  keys remaining: 163
  memory used:    4%

Recorded Keys:
Index  hash        key
-----  ---------   ---
    0  B75755AE    1
    1  7CCF14A    1
    2  74E60504    1
    3  154EC48F    1
    4  44354ECB    1
    5  A994C854    1



BTW: Recorded Keys count doesnt matter- problem persists :(

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Ive had the same issue and currently my flirc is sitting on the side and i am making do with my pulse eight CEC adapter untill these issues are ironed out. I would say be patient, it will be figured out eventually! (Btw these symptons persist even with the upgrade. Im gonna give it a shot with my raspberry pi to see if its just on windows these symptons surface)

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