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LG TV "Cursor Enter" only works outside of color wheel context.

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Hello. In one of the activities for my Skip 1s, I would like to control my LG OLED55B7A TV using LG Code Group 1 codes. I have the primary cursor buttons mapped to another device, and have the color ring setup to be the cursor keys for my LG TV. When I switch the the color ring mode, the 4 directional keys work, but the center button does not send Cursor Enter as expect. However, I have mapped that key to the 5 button for the same activity, and it works fine in that case. It also works well as the non-color-ring center button in another activity I have (C). Any help in diagnosing why I can't send "Cursor Enter" to my LG TV in the color ring mode would be appreciated.


I have included an export of my remote config. The relevant activity is A. Thanks for any assistance.

Living Room.skip

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Interesting, thanks for the tip. If that's the case, I think that's a slight failing of the design of the app UX.


While clicking on any of the buttons outside of the color wheel doesn't allow for an assignment, clicking on the center button does allow for an assignment (that is maintained separately from the nominal non-color wheel assignment). If the intent is for the color-wheel mode to not affect the center button, it should not allow an assignment.

Either way, thanks ytsejam1138.


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