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Some Keys aren't map'able on harmony650 remote


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well, i just tried to MAP using my HArmony remote emulating a my SAMSUNG HDTV remote,

now, all those buttons that are circled in red are now map'able!

however, a new issue comes up,,,

under the SAMSUNG profile im using,

on my Harmomy650 remote,

the bottom left CLEAR and bottom right E buttons aren't map'able...

i dont understand why some buttons are registering and others not,,,

EDIT: i just found 2 more buttons that aren't map'able under SAMSUNG profile,,,


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Sorry, I meant if you press the button does it send anything.

Occasionally some buttons don't have anything assigned to them by the harmony software so when pressed the don't send any IR.

I don't have the 650 (only 300i) when you press a button does something on the remote light up when a button is pressed?

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You just need to choose basically ANY remote profile that has enough buttons in total, and then to check in the Harmony software (in 'customize buttons' for your activity) that each button is actually assigned to send something out.

Doesn't matter at all WHAT it is sending, as you'll program the final action response in flirc. I used Plex and the easiest way is to make a 'generic utility' action in the Harmony and then manually assign each button in the harmony software to a plex action....one by one starting from the top so you can easily keep track of which ones you haave use/haven't. When you get to the end of the standard buttons you should still have plenty left for assigning to the additional programmable buttons.

The Plex profile has 60 odd buttons to map, which should be enough really, and seems to respond well with the flirc and Openelec 1.0.2 (with the exception of key repeats but I believe that is coming soon in firmware update, right Jason?)

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