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Double Button Presses Required


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Trying to get my new Harmony Ultimate remote working with Jriver Media Center on my self-built HTPC.


Bought Flirc to get signal to my HTPC and I am getting everything to work but am having to double-press directional and arrow keys to get action done in Jriver.  The buttons on remotes display seem to work with a single-press like they should, seems to only be an issue with the remotes physical buttons.


Tried recording every button twice in Flirc setup as suggested in another topic, but still same problem.


Any help appreciated, as I don't want to have to put unneeded wear and tear on my new remotes buttons.



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Let's do something first, can you go here and get the latest firmware:



Then, yes, record all the buttons twice. Make sure you do them sequently. In other words, don't automate the process, just click up, record, click up again, record again immediately after. Let me know if you still have trouble.

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Thanks for speedy response!!

Have already installed the latest RC.


Misunderstood your directions on other thread though.  I thought you were saying when recording buttons, hit button on remote twice when recording. I will try recording one button press, then repeating process again as you just described.  Let you know how it goes.



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Okay great. It will work, I promise.


I haven't found an elegant solution to solve this yet, I'm still thinking about it. With my new algorithm I can detect when a remote will have this problem now, but I can't yet predict what the second button press is going to look like. I'll put enough thought into it and get it sorted out. In the mean time, this is an easy fix to record buttons twice, although a bit cumbersome on your end. So please accept my apologies for that.

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