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I don't get it, what do i miss/do wrong?


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I bought myself a xbmc media player (The little black box == TLBB) and a FLIRC usb ir dongle to control it using my logitech harmony 900 (with ir blasters).


What i did:


- Installed TLBB, updated to xbmc gotham and setup so it works with original (rf) remote.

- on my laptop i configured my harmony remote (with harmony software) with a

new devices:computer--> mediacenter pc

manufactur: Flirc

model: XBMC

Then NEXT and configured my activities etc, updated the remote.

- on the laptop i downloaded the latest FLIRC software and installed it, version: 1.2.6

- i plugged in the FLIRC dongle and it listed as contected, i then choose XBMC in controlers

Now i lost it.....

> how do i update the FLIRC sub dongle with the default profile for my harmony?


I then plugged the FLIRC dongle in the TLBB and hoped i could control it, as you understand nothing happend.....


So what do i wrong here, is there something i should install something in my xbmc (gotham 13.1) and what must i do in the FLIRC software so it will accept my harmony controles?


Who can help/advise?

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So, how it works is you are dynamically pairing keyboard keys with remote control buttons. So that being said, what I did, was put together a harmony profile, prepaired those buttons, and saved them in the device. 

Once you get the harmony setup with the XBMC - Flirc profile, that's it. You should be able to use your harmony and flirc together, you don't even need my software installed.

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