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Benjamin Metzler

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7 hours ago, Benjamin Metzler said:

It would be nice to be able to search for EFCs (Effective Function Codes?) of a device, finding the "hidden" IR codes. Basically if I had a new device that kind of worked with the existing codes, being able to cycle through the rest of the EFCs would allow the skip 1s to be more functional with the device.

That's kinda how it works. Codes are bucket into groups or models and usually the codes we have work for the device but aren't on the provided remote. 

But we are working hard on finishing up learning, and after that we'll have some updates that'll make managing codes easier.

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I agree that the current code DB is massive. My 2008 Toshiba mostly worked, but it doesn't quite have the correct codes for discrete switching the inputs. For instance it has a video 1, 2, 3, PC, and others work as expected, but the HDMI either don't work (as in the case of HDMI 1 and 3) or are mapped to the wrong input (e.g. HDMI 2 switches to HDMI 3). It would be useful to be able cycle through the EFCs to find the missing ones.

Also, tied to the above, it would be useful to be able to test a given command before assigning it to a button. I see there is a "Test Action" that kind of does this, but then I have to program that code to a button, test it, and then remove it if it doesn't work as expected.

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