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Key misses and lag


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Apologies for the late response -- I forgot to follow the topic. I'm using a Harmony Smart setup. I've added a new remote recently, but that just sends signals to the IR blaster, which hasn't changed, and other equipment responds instantly. I've also had the flirc in my laptop (win7 x64 pro) and that shows the same behavior.


I have other (non universal) remotes, is there a way I can test whether the flirc does respond to those?

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You can try set up different device on Harmony for use with Flirc. There is a lot of RC protocols and not all of them work properly with Flirc. I don't have Harmony but I also use an universal remote and from my experience Samsung TV controls work very good. Unless you have a Samsung TV I would suggest you use that.


If you need to use Flirc with XBMC only then you can always use Flirc profile which is available in Harmony setup and should work out of the box.

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You can try learning other remotes (these non-universal ones you mentioned you have). Save your current config using Flirc GUI so you can restore it after tests, then format Flirc and learn new keys and check responsiveness.


BTW try to avoid MCE remotes as those are cycling multiple IR codes per button.

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