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Remote (IR) report for Skip 1s (Sangean DMS-37BT, type radio/amplifier/cd-player)

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Thanks for the Skip 1s, thanks for the Flirc earlier, (how can it be the opposite of all the work done in lirc, including 90 degree reception, at distance,) I understand that we got the Skip 1s early as some capabilities are being implemented.

If I have done it right, I have attached a remote for the Sangean DMS-37BT, presented in such a way it might work. Perhaps for inclusion in the Skip 1s graphical app, and perhaps as a concept template for others.

I'm trying to write just one topic per topic, thanks foremost for creating something I can write about. Cheers.

remote (IR) report info.parsable.txt

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Well thank you. Let me try that. But first;

REC and RECORD, indeed, I see them both.. ;

REC (timer) is with a analogue clock icon, that one is the REC with a (once/daily/.., save to USB/SD) timer,
RECORD is to record immediately.

And generally I'd be happy to take or provide a picture of the remote, if that's desirable (generally) let me know.
I'll see if I can provide a .JSON file directly, perhaps with the help of (cat << 'header' / 'body' / 'footer') scripts I learned on the internet. And I recognize the 'types', "devices.audio", "devices.misc" bit (in the .JSON file). (I think in both.) Feel free to correct a miss categorization.

I'll provide (in the future) both the .TXT and (hopefully correct) .JSON then.

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Additional bits.
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(I think there is something suspicious about json. I think we are being taken over by json.)

It works!

I found your post 'Current Device List and Manual Importing',
'Manually Importing a device',
including the (general) tip
'In the SkipApp, the Misc. Category contains everything.'

Also I should probably post (a complete remote) in
'Supported Devices / Databases'

On Linux, I couldn't see an Admin mode (after creating the folder and config.json file MAC/Linux style), and
the 'Tools > Export Remote Configuration' .skip (.json) file is similar where I could replace the codes,
(I used 'cat Skip.skip | python3 -m json.tool' to make it readable,) (can be done in Linux gedit,)
I gave up Windows after Windows 8 (which I actually liked) (but they kept ignoring my preferences in a major way), and instead of going for .msix for Wine (on Linux) perhaps, I was happy to test the codes in the .skip (export) file, and import that back again.

How does it work.. (it does).

Changed "protocol" to "ir protocol" (for the 'Skip.skip' file) no problem.

(The additional serial number is required to distinguish between the buttons.)

(And I see a 'Repeat' = once option. Great! That probably answers my other question.)

Other devices such as an Aten already worked, but this is so awesome.

(And a battery blew up a while ago, somehow I decided to insert non-rechargeables first time ever.) (In a remote with a power USB cord. Blew up at a (of course not so) random moment without being connected, and maybe it doesn't recharge as I understood on this forum, and maybe it was a wrong brand battery I got somewhere included, it wasn't the batteries included with the Skip, I've used an old one first.) (I have so many batteries now I can't remember which ones came with the Skip, maybe the Duracell ones.)

And you provided the file format (in the same post), so I will be using those guidelines to submit any remotes I have, that are not already included. Cheers!


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