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Flirc and Harmony 650 not being seen at all


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I have recently purchased an Harmony 650 and a Flirc Device.

Now i installed the flirc and updated to firmware 2.6


I chose XBMC Profile and it didnt work very well....if at all.


i started reading more and more on the forum and i decided to go for an old solution....the TV Profile.

So i added the panasonic TV Device and uploaded it to my Harmony.

Now when i fire up Flirc and chose the Panasonic device i want to start programming the XBMC layout but it is not responding to my keymapping at all.


Am i doing something wrong??

Am i missing something?


Thanks in advance for any help i get to point me to the right direction.

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Did you ever get this sorted? I believe I am running into the same thing.


I'm very new to both flirc and harmony, but when I load the MyHarmony software it finds the Flirc IR-USB profile (so that I can add it to the remote), but when I look at their profile it is empty -- no preconfigured buttons or anything.


In case it helps, here is a quick screencast: http://www.screencast.com/t/TofvHw8q52R


I understand the work-arounds, but before I dig into going that (longer) route, I was hoping to see if that is truly the next step, or if I've missed something here.

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So.... I've been working on this for 2 hours. Literally. I finally give up and decide to post, and then 3 minutes later I find what I believe is the answer.


I'm going to put this one on Logitech's poor profile search -- I could not find anything when I looked for flirc in their profiles. I tried every flirc "Model Number" I could think of (this thing doesn't have a model... it is just, Flirc!)... I finally stumbled on one called 'IR-USB' which I thought was it.


Turns out, the "model" of the flirc I'm using is the most obvious: "XBMC"




I haven't tested this yet, but I strongly suspect that this was the issue. The buttons are all loaded there.

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Wow -- that's quick!


I actually think it is primarily a failing of the MyHarmony software. When I choose Flirc as the Manufacturer I get recommendations provided -- they should povide a similar drop-down with the available models for me to choose from, rather than an emtpy text block for me to enter / guess what my options are:



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I'm a sysadmin for a small software company... inconsistencies that make it through QA like that boggle my mind!!


I'm guessing I'm just overlooking something here, but I've been able to map these manually to get the Harmony working with XBMC (for the most part), but I thought I read somewhere that the default mappings on the Harmony should work on flirc. My Flirc is now running GUI v1.2.7 and FirmWare v3.0 -- am I on the wrong firmware (I don't mind beta) or am I missing something to actually get the builtin XBMC profile to load the keybinding (other than enable it in the advanced menu)?


Here is the output of my settings: http://pastebin.com/t4PHLYt0



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The 3.0 firmware doesn't have support for built in profiles yet. It's actually done, I just need to push it. For now, you're doing it correctly, just map them manually. I'll try to push it soon, it's missing a few keys at the moment. The algorith has been improved a bit too.

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I found the correct Harmony profile in the Harmony setup program "Flirc - XBMC" (found this reference in the V1.0.0-rc.2 FW thread) and then erased what I had programmed previously in Flirc (for some Sirius Sat Radio remote).  I saw the business about "upgrading" the Flirc FW to V1.0.0-rc.2 but was wary due to the date on the thread/posts (i.e., maybe newer FW incorporates?).  I just bought my Flirc last week, did it ship with FW that will work correctly (without needing to do the Flirc SW keymapping as the V1.0.0-rc.2 thread states is not required for V1.0.0-rc.2 FW)?  In other words, does current Flirc FW "do the mapping for you" as V1.0.0-rc.2 is stated to do?


BTW, love the product and the brave new HTPC world I have recently discovered with RPi!  A "real" HTPC build seems to be likely in my near future.





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I upgraded the firmware on my flirc, but I do not know if that is explicitely required.


The XBMC plugin was flakey for me for the initial setup, so I installed the latest beta version of the software on my Mac and plugged in my flirc there to get it upgraded, and then moved the FLIRC back to my HTPC. I originally thought that I had to do everything for the FLIRC on the device where i was going to use it, but you can plug it into my computer to configure / update / etc. and then move over to the htpc when it is ready. The firmward upgrade was dead simple, too. Smooth as can be.


I'm a few weeks into this, and the FLIRC + Harmony has made my wife a HUGE fan of XBMC. It is totally usable for her now... it is amazing.


Good luck!

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Update: my Flirc came with V2.3 FW and it works perfectly (with no keymapping) with the Harmony Flirc - XBMC profile installed on the remote using the Harmony SW.  So my hunch was right about the posts referring to the older beta FW where this concept was first implemented.  So nothing programmed in Flirc (as received) + Harmony XMBC profile = works!

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