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  1. Nope not at all. When i press 1 on the Flirc layout it keeps flashing.....if i press 1 on my Harmony nothing is happening,
  2. Hello, I have recently purchased an Harmony 650 and a Flirc Device. Now i installed the flirc and updated to firmware 2.6 I chose XBMC Profile and it didnt work very well....if at all. i started reading more and more on the forum and i decided to go for an old solution....the TV Profile. So i added the panasonic TV Device and uploaded it to my Harmony. Now when i fire up Flirc and chose the Panasonic device i want to start programming the XBMC layout but it is not responding to my keymapping at all. Am i doing something wrong?? Am i missing something? Thanks in advance for any help i get to point me to the right direction.
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