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Can't clear configuration


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Thanks but still doesn't work.  Can FLIRC think the two buttons are too similar?


Yes. It is possible depending on the protocol used by the remote. I've also had such situation when I was checking some devices on my universal remote which one will work best with Flirc. It reported that key is already recorded for multiple keys. I just used a code for Samsung TV as I have LG one so they won't interfere with each other and everything works smoothly.


Is there a way to reset the FLIRC other than the "clear configuration" which doesn't work?


You can use flirc_util.exe in command line. There is a format command, but it just do the same thing that clear configuration does. You can check if there is anything recorded using flirc_util space command which will print how many buttons are stored in flirc memory. After clearing it should show 0.

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