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This was the easiest to use out of the box experience of any product I have ever purchased.  I opened it and plugged it into my Windows 8.1 system.  Went to the web site, downloaded and ran the software.  When it finished installing, I browsed through the various controllers, choose the Windows Media Center, selected several buttons and pressed the same button on my remote.  After configuring about 8 different buttons, I unplugged it from my system and plugged it into my new RASPLEX box and booted.  As soon as the RASPLEX came up to the main screen the remote was working.  Start to finish, less than 10 minutes.  I wish all products worked this well straight out of the box.  Can't wait to see what you guys come up with next.  Have already shown this to about 8 of my friends and 2 are ordering theirs today.  Will keep an eye on your website for new products.






P.S.  I tried it today just for the heck of it on my Windows 8 system and was able to control Windows Media Center, Plex App, and the Metro interface with the same remote I was using for my TV.  What a cool product!

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Thanks so much for the amazing support and feedback. Means so much. I'm pretty much a one man show, so the fact that you took the time to create an account, and write the positive feedback, is really touching. Thank you so much Keith, need another and it's on the house. Just ping me.

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