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Wrong mapping of keys


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Hi there,

Just received my flirc and when I tried to set it up with my tv remote I found a weird bug that makes it unusable.


Actually, there are some keys shown on the flirc gui which are unmappable, for exemple when I try to link the "1" button of my remote with the "1" button on flirc gui, it becomes linked to the "7" button. And then whenever I press the 1 button on my remote, the 7 button on flirc gui becomes green.


None of the number is working (1 linked to 7, 5 linked to 9, 8 linked to 1, others linked to nothing) neither are the volume down (linked to 0) and volume up (linked to volume down).


I tried 3 different remotes and I always get the same result.



Also, even if when I press 1 on my remote the 7 turns green on flirc gui, when I press it while my mouse is on a text field it prints the "&" char which is the char under my 1 key on mac. Still, when on xbmc the mapping is not done correctly.


Hope you can help me!


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That's the problem. The GUI will appear to be a US keyboard, however, it's as if you were using a US keyboard on a mac set up as azerty. So disregard what my keys say, and use the azerty keys.


In other words, where A is on my GUI keyboard that's actually Q for you.


Let me know if that helps. There isn't much way around this right now.

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