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Flirc Setup - 3.26.5 and Norton AV


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I did a quick search but didn't see anyone else reporting this (apologies if I missed something) but a fresh download from your website is getting flagged up by Norton AV as a "WS.Reputation.1" threat and deletes the file.  Sounds like a false positive on their part (they state less than 50 people have used this file...), but mentioning it in case there is any benefit to talking to Norton.

Below is a dump of their threat assessment.  


Filename: Flirc-Setup-3.26.5.exe
Threat name: WS.Reputation.1Full Path: K:\Downloads\Flirc-Setup-3.26.5.exe



On computers as of 
21/03/2023 at 14:23:36

Last Used 
26/03/2023 at 11:56:03

Startup Item 
Threat type: Insight Network Threat. There are many indications that this file is untrustworthy and therefore not safe


Flirc-Setup-3.26.5.exeThreat name: WS.Reputation.1

Few Users
Fewer than 50 users in the Norton Community have used this file.

This file was released 16 days  ago.

This file risk is medium.


Downloaded File  from flirc.com
Source: External Media



File Actions

File: K:\Downloads\Flirc-Setup-3.26.5.exeRemoved


File Thumbprint - SHA:
File Thumbprint - MD5:

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