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I setup my flirc in a way that I can use it with my Mac(xbmc) and my ps3. I get direction and thumb keys as per this:

Esc = Circle.

F1 = Triangle.

F2 = Square.

F3 = Select.

F4 = Start.


In DVDs I can also ff and rew with the direction keys but this does not work with blurays with the fancy menu. I tried around with my USB keyboard and couldn't find any other keys the ps3 reacts to while playing blurays.

Does anyone know whether there are keys that the ps3 reacts to or is this a hard limitation by Sony?

Thank you very much!

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Thanks deadpool!

I had already found that post and this is where I took the working keys from. L/R1 and 2 seem to work only in browser mode though and while I can get by with the directional keys in DVDs they don't do anything in blurays besides navigating the menu.

That's why I ask if anyone found keys for this.


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I tried around again with my USB-keyboard and came away convinced that Sony just doesn't allow for these transporter commands to be issued by USB-keyboard. (USB dongles with IR receivers that are sold as PS3 accessories seem to mimic a controller, not a keyboard, something that creates problems of its own for people who choose them.)


Deadpool, I seem to recall you mentioning a friend or family member that uses flirc on a PS3 in another thread. If that's true, could you just confirm with them that they also didn't find a solution? Thank you in advance!

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