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Found 7 results

  1. Harmony One is working well with Flirc and Amazon Fire TV EXCEPT that I cannot get the Fire TV "Mouse Toggle" app to work. I have tried numerous methods including creating and using a "Sequence" on the Harmony to double click the Play/Pause button. Any ideas on how to get this to work? Thanks much!
  2. Hello, I got my FLIRC a few days ago and I'm able to record commands, but when I plug it into my HTPC the remote doesn't work. Here is my setup: GIGABYTE GB-BXI3H-4010 Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit Harmony One remote - Flirc XBMC device programmed Plex Flirc info: v1.3.5 Gui Firmware v3.6 Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Hello, I have searched for an answer to my problem but no luck finding a resolution. I setup my Flirc with my Asus Chromebox Openelec HTPC. I setup an Acitivity on my Harmony One to "Watch Videos" and it works perfectly to wake/suspend the HTPC. But when I switch to another activity (Watch TV or Play PS4), it will also wake up the HTPC. Here's what I did: In the Harmony software, I added a new device under Computer>Media Center PC>Flirc>KodiUnder "Advanced setup for this device", I set it to "turn this device off when not in use", selected "one button on remote to turning it both On and Off", and set the command used to "PowerOff".I created an activity to "Watch Videos" using the Flirc device and added an additional customized button that I called "Suspend/Wake" that will send a command from the Flirc to "PowerOff"I used the Flirc software to map Ctrl + End to the customized button that I just created ("Suspend/Wake"). For some reason, it used to work with Ctrl + F12 but it suddenly stopped working. I did a search and found Ctrl + End works but only from the main screen of Kodi. I thought Ctrl + F12 worked in any screen in Kodi but I could be wrong.I double-checked and all my activities do not use the FlircKodi device except "Watch Videos". I also created a new activity to "Play PS4" thinking there was an issue with the old activity but it still wakes up the HTPC. Does anybody know what I did wrong to wake up the HTPC even though I'm watching/playing a different activity?
  4. Hi All, Neat product, thanks for developing it. I'm trying to use my Harmony One as a keyboard with FLIRC. Harmony has a few keyboard devices, I'm using MCE as it has all the buttons already defined as virtual softkeys. When I try to map those softkeys to the FLIRC Full Keyboard, most of the softkey letters seem to map to either A or B. Example, I can map "A" to "A" but when I try to map the remote's "C" FLIRC says that that button already exists and is mapped to FLIRC "A" I seem to be able to map another remote (arbitrarily chose a Panasonic TV) to the letters on the keyboard, but that is a whole more difficult mapping exercise to track that "Power Toggle" = "A" and "Input 7" = "B". Doable, but hardly desirable. Is there a FLIRC Keyboard profile in Harmony? Am I missing something or doing something obviously wrong? Thanks for the help.
  5. I have all the basic keys on my remote working just fine, and I've made a few tweaks (though haven't synchronized them with the remote as yet). Adding the device & activity via the Logtech Harmony software was the hardest piece...and it has nothing to do with FLIRC. However, OpenELEC has a Home "icon"/function...which I assume could correlate to a button press (maybe Guide or Exit on the remote), however, the XMBC profile (if I'm using the right term here) in the Harmony software (which is a PITA to setup sometimes), doesn't show any extra "keys" that I could use to assign to my free buttons. I assume this is an issue on the Harmony/FLIRC side rather than something on OpenELEC. I do not see a way to manually add a new "key" value via the Harmony software, to associate with the Media Center PC (Flirc XMBC) device. There's a hardcoded list of keys. I've seen mention of Profiles on this forum, is there a profile I can edit to add a key value that the Harmony software will list? (Seems unlikely as I'd assume the Harmony software pulls that data from it's own servers.) Thanks for any help you can provide. -Chris
  6. How can I command the FLIRC to open a program when I push a button on my Harmony One remote? I'd liked it to open XBMC, is this even possible?
  7. Looking to figure out the best solution to navigate in both XBMC and MC7 (strictly for live tv). I am have created shortcut keys for both applications my issue lies in navigation within both apps.
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