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  1. I guess this may not be an issue that FLIRC can help with...seems I need to add a custom Command to the FLIRC device in my Harmony One setup. I have an older remote. It does seem that the newer software might provide a way to add custom Commands, but I'm not seeing it in the software I have. Maybe I can upgrade the software. If I'm on the right track, please let me know....but it does seem that this would be solved if a Home or Main Menu command pre-existed with the FLIRC (XMBC) profile. Thanks.
  2. I have all the basic keys on my remote working just fine, and I've made a few tweaks (though haven't synchronized them with the remote as yet). Adding the device & activity via the Logtech Harmony software was the hardest piece...and it has nothing to do with FLIRC. However, OpenELEC has a Home "icon"/function...which I assume could correlate to a button press (maybe Guide or Exit on the remote), however, the XMBC profile (if I'm using the right term here) in the Harmony software (which is a PITA to setup sometimes), doesn't show any extra "keys" that I could use to assign to my free buttons. I assume this is an issue on the Harmony/FLIRC side rather than something on OpenELEC. I do not see a way to manually add a new "key" value via the Harmony software, to associate with the Media Center PC (Flirc XMBC) device. There's a hardcoded list of keys. I've seen mention of Profiles on this forum, is there a profile I can edit to add a key value that the Harmony software will list? (Seems unlikely as I'd assume the Harmony software pulls that data from it's own servers.) Thanks for any help you can provide. -Chris
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