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  1. Yawor, Thanks for your response. I am not techie enough to really understand what you just wrote, but I was afraid I would be told something like this. So instead of using my Harmony One only, I have to use it, the Fire TV remote (only if I want to talk to the Fire), and my USB mouse for apps that require a mouse. Doggone it!
  2. OR http://www.ares-project-blog.com/android-apps-apks/mouse-toggle/ It's REALLY Cool!
  3. Harmony One is working well with Flirc and Amazon Fire TV EXCEPT that I cannot get the Fire TV "Mouse Toggle" app to work. I have tried numerous methods including creating and using a "Sequence" on the Harmony to double click the Play/Pause button. Any ideas on how to get this to work? Thanks much!
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