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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, I have a fairly basic question I believe, but couldn't seem to find an answer to this. I want to know how this works when switching between two devices with one remote, once controlled by flirc and one not. Is there a way to program a button to switch between devices or stop/start controlling the flirc device? I have a simple setup. LG TV, Xfinity Cable, Amazon Fire TV. I want to control all three with the Xfinity remote (Don't want to give up the voice search on Xfinity). So I plan on using the Flirc in the Amazon fire TV since it doesn't have IR. I have read that the Flirc works with the Fire TV and that it works with the Xfinity remote. I want to know if when I am scrolling through channels on the cable input if all the key presses will also be taking place on my Amazon Fire TV, and vice versa. What I have read is that it will be controlling both at once. Is there a way to switch it between the two? Or turn it off? Ideally it would just turn off/on depending on the input, but I know that is asking a lot. Thanks!
  2. I am using the FLIRC with a Fire TV gen 2 and a Harmony 550. Unfortunately, the select (enter) key button does not map to the Harmony. How do I resolve this? Thanks
  3. Harmony One is working well with Flirc and Amazon Fire TV EXCEPT that I cannot get the Fire TV "Mouse Toggle" app to work. I have tried numerous methods including creating and using a "Sequence" on the Harmony to double click the Play/Pause button. Any ideas on how to get this to work? Thanks much!
  4. Is the Sky Tv (Sky UK) remote supported? See link here: https://goo.gl/CEdL68. In addition, can you connect this to a fire tv and program a sky tv remote to use on the fire tv?
  5. John Lajara


    I've had my Flirc for about 3 days now and can not get my Harmony 650 to control my FireTv at all. I've gone through quite of few posts on here with the various suggestions and steps on how to get this to work and still can't get it working. I'm familiar with adding a device to my the Harmony 650 which I've done successfully with all my other components but every configuration I've tried to get my Fire TV working with the Harmony is just not working. The posts I've read so far sounded pretty straight forward but have gotten me now where, am i missing something? The Fire TV does have a USB port which is where i connect the Flirc when I'm done configuring it but nothing . I've cleared Flirc and the Fire TV (which is set to Flirc/XMBC) has been removed from the Harmony so i'm back to square one. Getting this to work would rid me of the one last remote control. Would some one be kind enough to guide me in the right direction or possibly give a step by step on how to get this going. Any help would GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time.
  6. I am brand new to this forum and have not read any postings of yet but wanted to share my experience using the Flirc with the Fire TV and Harmony 650. Some time ago I purchased an Amazon Fire TV and Flirc USB primarily to use with the Playstation Vue service. While I was very familiar with the Harmony 650 there were no instructions with the Flirc so it was an exercise in discovery to figure out how to program the remote to work with it. When adding a device to the Harmony remote you need to give it a brand and then a model number. After some experimentation, I learned that I needed to enter a brand of "Flirc" and a model number of "Fire TV". Once I programmed my activities and customized my buttons and screens all was good! A couple weeks later I purchased another Amazon Fire TV and Flirc. I went through the same procedures but found that everything worked except the "Home" button. I then tried using the "problem remote" with the older Fire TV and it worked fine. I then put the new Flirc in the older Fire TV and it would not recognize the "Home" button! I downloaded and installed the Flirc software on my computer and looked for a firmware update. Buried under Advanced in the Flirc software I found the option to force a firmware update. I noted that both Flircs were at firmware version 3.6. I updated the new Flirc to 3.8 and the "Home" button worked! I then updated the older Flirc for good measure. Hope this helped someone!
  7. Hello all, I'm trying to use two flirc with a single remote (harmony). I have one flirc setup via harmony as a media center pc -> flirc kodi device. The flirc for that harmony profile is using built in profile of kodi via flirc software. The second flirc is setup in harmony as media center pc -> flirc firetv and is not using built in profiles in flirc software but is setup as fire tv remote. I can control each device but the actions are duplicated. So when I navigate in the fire tv menu I'm also navigating the kodi box. How does one avoid the IR cross talk? In another thread it was suggested to setup a random device for the other flirc but choosing media center remote as fire tv control device is almost unusable and can't navigate the fire tv at all.
  8. I can get every button on the firetv remote trained to my remote except for the back or move back one step button which on the firetv is just to the left of the home button. I've tried on a second remote and same outcome. Any suggestions? p.s. plugged full keyboard into firetv and the esc key mimics the back key on the firetv remote. so using full keyboard gui of flirc i programmed a remote key to be the esc key. now i can get the go back a step function of the firetv remote. so leads me to believe that the firetv gui just needs that back key to be reprogrammed to be "esc".
  9. The issue is with return key only. It is really annoying. I have to press the key very quickly to avoid this. Anyone knows how solve it?
  10. ok so maybe I am crazy. I just bought a flirc and I am trying to set it up for the newest Fire TV 2015. I don't know if maybe the gui only supports the old 2014 Fire TV or something but I can not get it to work on the new Fire TV. I downloaded the newest flirc software, I updated the firmware and then reconfigured the buttons in preset Fire TV. I am using this with my inteset 4-in-one remote if it makes a difference. I tested it on my computer and flirc worked great but on the Amazon Fire TV when I plug it in it does not do anything. Am I missing something?
  11. Hello, I just picked up a Fire TV over the weekend, and have installed KODI onto it. Note, I've been running KODI on an Intel NUC with built in IR, and controlling it with my Harmony One for over a year. Now, with the Fire TV, I'm using the FLIRC (v1.36) with my Harmony One. I've managed to get all the basic functions setup with the FLIRC, so the Fire TV & KODI control buttons work on the H One. The one thing I've been having a problem with, is that on the One, when I use my Intel Nuc, I have 2 LCD buttons at the top Update Library, and Clean Library. I set these up on the Nuc according to the guide here: http://wiki.openelec.tv/index.php/Config_harmony Now, on the FireTV/KODI installation, I've copied over the keymap.xml from the NUC to the FireTV (rebooted, etc). But, when I press the button to update or clean, in the harmony profile for the Fire TV, it doesn't do either function. I tried to map the #1 key on the full keyboard in the FLIRC to the 1 button on the Harmony, but that didn't seem to help. Also tried mapping 1 & 2 in the KODI controller in FLIRC. The keymap.xml file sets key 1 and 2 to do the update and clean. I'm not sure what I'm missing, but needed some assistance. Thanks.
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