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  1. I am trying to download the latest version of the software for Windows and both Firefox and Chrome are saying it is a virus. I have tried it on two separate machines and it is the same on both. Unsure what is going on since I have not had this problem before with downloads from your site.
  2. Any way we could get a sticky setup for both of these? I used the instructions here (https://flirc.gitbooks.io/flirc-instructions/content/universal-remote-controls/logitech-harmony-remote-controls/nvidia-shield-tv.html) and still was left with missing functions. I combed through this entire forum topic and using these two forum posts allowed all the buttons to function on Kodi and from the Nvidia Shield TV Android interface along with powering off my device when turning it off (with the second post). Anyone still having problems. these two solved all my issues.
  3. I might have programmed it and forgot I did it since I did have a Flirc codec item in harmony software with my 1st gen Flirc. I did the steps you suggested which fixed the issue. Thank you.
  4. I removed the 2nd gen and put the 1st gen back in the LibreElec and the codec button works fine on the 1st gen without any issue. Why wouldn't the codec button work on the 2nd Gen Flirc?
  5. I recently upgraded to the generation two of Flirc on my LibreElec media center. I am using a Harmony Elite remote control and using the Media Center PC, Flirc, Kodi profile for my Harmony remote and the codec worked with my previous Flirc and I believe it worked with Gen 2 Flirc also when I installed it. For some reason the Codec key doesn't do anything now when pressing it. I verified the key was setup correctly in the Harmony software and it is using Codec info from the Flirc device pressing that button. I am not sure why the Codec stopped working and what to do to fix it since the Flirc should be all configured out of the box. If anyone has any suggestions getting this work again it would be appreciated. Thank you.
  6. But I am experiencing the same thing, on only one TV in my house, so I don't think it is the Flirc that is the problem. This TV has also had problems with directv receivers with the remote not working, and solution was to cover the IR receiver on the directv with tape.
  7. What type of TV are using with your HTPC? I have two flircs that do the endless keypresses that are hooked to a Samsung 52B750, but neither of the flircs have the problem on a Panasonic 60VT60 or a Samung 46B8500. I would try this, when the endless keypresses happen, grab a blanket large enough to cover the screen of the TV and see if they stop. If the blanket resolves the issue then the problem is IR interference from the screen. The only suggestion I can think of is to cover the flirc completely with masking tape (scotch tape didn't work for me).
  8. @AudioBeast, what type of TV do you have? I have a Samsung 52B750, which I have discovered has IR interference. I have two Flircs that have the same issue after a couple of minutes of using the Flircs start doing endless key presses, and the only thing I can do is unplug the Flirc to get it to stop. I have plugged the same Flirc into a HTPC that is attached to a Samsung 46B8500 and the problem doesn't occur. With the 52B750 I have plugged the Flirc into a Openelec machine(Acer AspireRevo AR1600-U910H) and a Raspberry pi using Raspbmc and both have the same issue connected to this TV. I will note, I have not discovered a solution with the device plugged into the 52B750.
  9. I have a good question if someone has the answer. I am using the beta harmony configuration with the beta firmware, and I cannot locate a key on this that does the 'ESC' key which will take you back to the main home screen. I was playing around and I cannot get any of the pre-set buttons to do what the ESC key does in XBMC. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  10. I just received my flirc controllers today, and it seems to be working well but I have an issue and I am not sure how to address this(or it is possible). On the normal XBMC remote the number keys will act like the letters(kind of like a telephone hit 2 key three time will type a letter 'c') I am not sure how to do this with the keyboard, because when you hit the number 2 it doesn't type 'a'. How you type a letter 'a' you need to hit shift 'a' on the keyboard(example music, to navigate a long menu with a lot of artists). To translate letter presses you would need 26 characters on your remote to be able to configure every letter. I am not sure how to configure so the number keys will act like the number keys on the normal xbmc remote. Thank you.
  11. I would definitely appreciate it, since I just purchased two of these to replace MCE remotes for XBMCbuntu systems that I have been struggling with to get everything working correctly.
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