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  1. I'm reading through the forums looking for a solution to my intermittent key repeating using a SKY+ remote with a Raspberry Pi running OpenELEC XBMC. The more I read the more I feel (some of?) the issues are caused by IR interference. I experienced this years ago with a simple IR repeater and was surprised when I saw the clear plastic design of the FLIRC as normally the 'red' plastic in front of the IR receiver acts as a filter to unwanted IR wavelengths outside of the standard IR wavelengths which would then also cause insensitivity due to background sunlight or the noise produced by Plasma and LCD screens. I assume the unwanted IR can also end up with a command being repeated as the FLIRC thinks it is still receiving the IR command when it may just be unfiltered noise? The post above by Boltron also points to this physical issue. Were any steps taken to physically limit unwanted IR light, which we find all around us, being received by the IR detectors?
  2. I too am seeing this repeating of commands, albeit intermittently. In my case it seems related to IR interference. I am using the FLIRC with a Pi running OpenELEC and a low end 32" LCD TV and a SKY+ remote. I have noticed that the position of the FLIRC has an impact. I suspect this may be due to reflected IR from the LCD screen, I note the FLIRC doesn't seem to have an IR filter on its receiver to limit the IR noise given of by other things (such as LCD TVs). Moving the FLIRC tends to stop the behaviour for a while (hours). Looking at the thread above I get the impression a firmware upgrade is coming, any dates? Thanks Nigel
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