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  1. Hah, brilliant, that worked! Maybe this information should be added to the Harmony sticky thread? I know I searched these forums up and down but could only find one other (not very helpful) thread (linked above) describing similar symptoms. Anyway, thank you for the very prompt and helpful reply! And of course for a great product.
  2. Setting up my new Flirc with a Harmony 900 remote worked fine, especially after reading the Harmony sticky thread. But I consistently and reproducibly experience the problem that apparently Flirc emits multiple key events for a single key press on the remote. Example: pressing 1 on the remote results in three to five 1 appearing on the screen (terminal, editor, etc) and of course also in XBMC. I also observe a very short delay between the first (desired) event and the subsequent (superfluous) events. Setting the interkey_delay to 0 results in exactly three events (two superfluous) occurring while setting it to 7 results in exactly five events (four superfluous). Again, this is completely consistent and reproducible on my systems. Adjusting the inter-key delay for the Harmony itself using the configuration software doesn't appear to change anything. Currently it is set to 0. Ubuntu 12.04 x86_64 Harmony 900 configured with Panasonic TC-P65VT30 profile Flirc Version 1.0.2 [a3bbc3e70a32c4f2] Firmware Version: 1 10-02-2011 Can I provide anything else? Edit: I know there is a similar report () but there was no follow-up in the last half year and it also mentions the problem being not consistently reproducible. Edit 2: For testing I upgraded to fw_wake_v6.bin (255.7 10-02-2011) but it doesn't make any difference. Behaviour remains exactly as described above.
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