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  1. I can report that flirc does wake up the Shield TV. The button I have on my universal remote mapped to the 'Enter' key on the full keyboard layout, wakes up the device. Here's what I've learned from tinkering with a Logitech K400r keyboard: Single Keys Esc - Back, Previous Screen/View Tab - Cycles though current row of selectable items in UI. Seems to loop back to the 4th to last item when you reach the end of the row and press 'Tab' again Start - Brings up voice search window. It is a slightly different then pressing the voice search button on the remote. If an app is open that has a search function, the remote will use that. i.e, in google play store allows voice search of store; In ES File Explorer it focus's input on the search field and opens the virtual keyboard. The Start button in contrast always opens up the universal google voice search/command L/R/U/D all do the expected navigation functions Enter - mostly works as expected. Exception is the CBS News 24/7 app. Works to launch app, but cannot select any videos or start the live stream. Only app I've seen like that. Space - again only in the CBS News 24/7 app, Scrolls right, current selection does not change Multiple Keys Alt + Tab - Release Tab and see screen that says "Your recent screens apear here" (i've got plenty of android apps open but none appear). Release Alt and you're back Home. Shift + Tab - Moves backward through the current row in the UI. Loops back to the 4th item. Start + Enter - Home K400r Logitech Keyboard specific: volume up/down - works as expected mute - as expected Search - opens up open apps search, just like voice search on remote Music - launches google play music Home - Home Play/Pause - as expected Next/Previous - as expected Couldn't find anyway to fast forward or rewind. Hope this helps.
  2. I added a second 2 foot USB extension cable and ran my flirc out the back of my cabinet and it is now perched atop my center channel speaker. It's been chilling out up there for a week now and i haven't had a single issue of multiple key presses! I'd prefer to have it inside behind the glass, but i don't have any spare material to use as a filter.
  3. so a thought occurred to me after reading about the physical modifications made to add a filter in front of flirc. All my HTPC components are inside a cabinet with a clear glass/plastic door. I wondered if the IR signal may be getting reflected around inside the cabinet and the same IR code picked up multiple times. So i pulled off the child-safe-lock and opened up the cabinet and moved flirc outside the cabinet ( I Have it connected to a laptop with a 2 foot USB extender) and voila no more repeated key presses. Unfortunately with 2 active babies i can't leave it like that, but maybe i can find some material to build a filter and it will work properly inside the cabinet like the other IR devices inside do.
  4. i'm having issue as well mostly using the directional arrows. making navigation through XBMC annoying. I upgraded to the latest release GUI and firmware. GUI 1.2.2 and Firmware V2.3. And I just tried running the command from the CLI to enable noise canceling and got this message: Warning: cannot open USB deviceenabling noise canceler any idea what that might mean?
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