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  1. This might be related, did you check if other keys you didn't intend to delete got deleted?
  2. That update will be really helpful! Could I help you solve the bug I'm experiencing, possibly a earlier firmware have corrupted the memory of my 3 flirc's?
  3. Have tried to delete keys with the latest Flirc 1.2.0 and firmware v.2.2, the problem is still there. Have also cleared the configuration and started from scratch to see if it made any difference but no. Deleting a key results i a different key deleted, this is NOT a ghost key problem, isn't there anyone else experiencing this? Seems like the software somehow confuses the "index" of stored keys and the index of the key that should get deleted.
  4. I think you may have misunderstood me, English is obviously not my native language.. :) This is what seams broken to me (the wrong key does not get deleted by a ghost key): This is more like a request for a new future (that maybe cold have worked as a workaround for the "broken delete"):
  5. Thanks! Is there another (older) version of the gui/cli I can use until this gets fixed?
  6. The keys I'm trying to delete: B3AC4F5B F8 55170D86 F8 Just to clarify, the wrong key does not get deleted by a ghost key. Thanks for your speedy reply! flirc_config.fcfg
  7. Every time i try to delete a key another key gets deleted and the key I intended to delete stays. Same on all my 3 flirc's, firmware v2.1 on 2 off them and v1.0 on the third, using both Flirc gui 1.1.5 for windows and cli. How to solve this? Any way to delete a key without using a remote? Very frustrating not to be able to delete a ghost key or keys mapped to a missing remote or wrongly mapped keys.. Any one else have this problem?
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