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  1. I guess the best way to think about is the consider how many buttons there are on the apple remote then that flirc translates a button press on your remote to a keyboard press. You could use it to open XBMC but would likely lose the use of that button as it can only have one keyboard button assigned to it. Of course you can try and make that one button have more than one function inside and outside XBMC but I think for the purposes of purchasing enquires I would say no. Does this help? Please feel free to ask anymore questions :)
  2. Hi rhodesfreak, It will work. However flirc doesn't produce a different function if the key is held down (I forget if this is the case with the mac or just with apple tv), e.g. on appletv - press up and it will scroll through a list, hold down up and it adjusts volume on flirc - press up and it will scroll through a list, hold down up and it scrolls through a list quicker does this help?
  3. Makes sense to me. I like the idea. A lot of the issues I find people have is due to erronous signals being taken as remote control presses (and flirc is sensitive - a good and bad characteristic). This could help debug and perhaps in the programming stages too.
  4. Nice post activate! Some good use of flirc capabilities and a bit of know how :) (p.s. I like the size of the picture :) )
  5. Hi mike, You're right there hasn't been any new beta's for quite a while. Jason is working through the kinks - restructuring code rather than the processes he was doing, you can keep up to date with what he's doing via his blog (blog.flirc.tv). It does sound rather promising (taken from his latest blog posting) Pleasant regards
  6. Great! Glad to hear it's working :)
  7. Just to check I meant on the home screen of XBMC go into the option which presents you with either: shutdown, suspend or restart. Press shutdown on the onscreen options. Does it shut it down? (Sorry I'd you already tried this, I just wanted to check)
  8. Hmm, how odd. I think the first thing we should try is checking XBMC can shutdown the computer by using the menu options (skin dependant ) Let's get to the bottom of this :)
  9. @Vega: so sorry. I thought I'd sent a message to Jason but I hadn't (I just double checked). Sorry for leaving you hanging. I've highlighted your original thread I'll find the thread detailing command line prompts for sensitivity a little later. :)
  10. Seems there could be two factors: Are both rf receivers programmed to the same remote? Also flircs are more sensitive that the average receiver (I find), you may need to cover it a lot more. Or you can reduce the sensitivity of flirc via command line.
  11. Just a random follow up, I've been tinkering and we should now be able to post .fcfg extension using the attach function in the forum :) (p.s. various audio, music and some picture file types have been disabled - bmp... really?! :) )
  12. What is the device the harmony is set as when controlling Flirc?
  13. p.s. If you have time would you mind contributing to this thread: Thanks :)
  14. I had that set-up but decided to pick the audio up from the tv (i.e. plug the 3.5mm jack into the TV) that way i can easily use the remote to control volume and anything that goes through the TV benefits from speaker sound. Otherwise the only other thing that we haven't mentioned is putting the system volume to max then using the plex volume controls (so it would have the upper volume range then it could do the lower volume range itself). Let us know what you go with and what it's like pleasant regards
  15. Where is the HTPC supplying sound to and via what? e.g. TV via HDMI speakers via 3.5mm jack Just wanted to check there isn't a way we haven't considered yet.
  16. Hi pdub, welcome to the forums From what I read it seems that windows 7 doesn't have a shortcut by default for adjusting volume. Once it did then Flirc would be able to control volume easy peasy. does this thread help: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/198081-volume-shortcut-create.html Alternatively could you not control the volume from another point e.g. TV, speakers or even Plex (http://wiki.plexapp.com/index.php/Keyboard#Global - as plex already has a shortcut for it) pleasant regards
  17. When enough feedback is received deeming the driver to work well. Have you tried the signed drivers Jason posted?
  18. Some do. The remote has to keep emitting ir signals when held down, a surprising amount of remotes don't do this. The problem is that the different remotes that do keep emitting signals have different gaps between signals, flirc currently implements a "best fit" so sometimes the scrolling seems to go on or not far enough.
  19. Hi Elliot, Jason is in the process of rewriting and testing a new firmware. This firmware's main aim is to Clean the firmware up (I have a feeling this thread will benefit from this) Rest assured it is being worked on :) Pleasant regards.
  20. Apologies for the assuming English wasn't your first language. As it's an RC6 remote you may need to record each key press twice as the remote toggles between two. Does this work?
  21. Glad to hear. Thanks for taking the time to post :)
  22. That's a good point. @vanzan did you still want the chapter skip to be the same button as playlist skip or do you not need chapter script.
  23. That's a good point. @vanzan did you still want the chapter skip to be the same button as playlist skip or do you not need chapter script.
  24. In the default keymap.XML (linked to earlier on in the thread) the functions are in the "global" section so I imagine they work for both music and video... maybe even pictures. But i'm Not 100%. May have to give it a try later
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