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  1. I have a cheap harmony so I don't really muck about with it much. I've been meaning to play about with the new beta but i've been busy at work (Flirc isn't my job) and home, I will get round to it... just not sure when :(
  2. As I mentioned (and Jason mentioned at the start of the Beta 7 thread) the interference recognition is not fully complete. It's possible that there are sources of interference closer to your htpc (& television?)
  3. We don't want you to relegate your Flirc to your drawer either :( What you're probably experiencing is interference, try turning off various electronic components in the room with your htpc (examples include optical mice, certain types of light). Flirc beta 7 has better inference recognition but it is only partly complete at the moment. Keep us posted
  4. Chris!

    How to map the +

    Probably because you remote control doesn't continue emitting IR signals when a button is held down, only every time the button is pressed. I varies between remote controls. Out of curiosity what remote are you using?
  5. Have you tried new batteries in the Ge24116m
  6. Many users are using their Flirc and harmony remote happily (myself included)
  7. Chris!

    How to map the +

    New GUI is coming when firmware progresses from beta. You can use the current GUI to program the beta (see beta thread for more info) - just not 100% I digress though, I'll save the beta talk for the beta threads
  8. A great concise review of Flirc on wired: http://wired.com/geekdad/2013/02/flirc/
  9. That's awesome. I've gotta get myself a new HTPC and it looks like android might be the way. Thanks for posting :)
  10. That's strange. (I've not got a computer with the software on it in front of me) Switch to full keyboard layout and map Spacebar to the play/pause button on your apple tv remote (http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Keyboard)
  11. This thread will probably help: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1325746
  12. Do you not want direction up assigned to the up arrow? I think you can only assign certain buttons buttons to different devices (e.g. vol up, vol down and mute) Hmm... opening an app with a keyboard combination seems a little harder on Mac than windows. We can always use apple key+tab to scroll through open apps. To map those buttons to a remote control button, program flirc the ususal way but instead of just pressing one key on the virtual keyboard in Flirc GUI - press all the buttons of the key combo then press your remote control button. Never a pain when people are polite :)
  13. Hi again Stevenlr, thanks for making the thread, When you're in myharmony.com go into the flirc device (i.e. panasonic) then go to the volume buttons. If you click on them you should be able to tell the harmony to use the "TV" profile when the volume buttons are pressed but when any other button is pressed then it will continue using the flirc profile. You could try and map a remote button to Apple key+tab (this would scroll through the apps that are open) Or if XBMC isn't open assign a keyboard combination to start xbmc control+apple key+X (for example) Does this help?
  14. Hi budwyzer There is only a finite amount of memory in flirc. It can store a large quantity but not large enough for your remote. Chris
  15. Awesome stuff comatose1978, Thanks for being the guinea pig. Glad it worked out :)
  16. Doh! You mentioned that in your first post - sorry for asking again. Could you try and program it on the windows 7 machine then try and use Flirc (without the set-up software) on the windows 8 machine? (as the settings are stored in Flirc) That way you could use flirc to control the machine but you would have to use another machine to make changes to any buttons and have a mostly working Flirc for now. I'll notify Jason again to see if he has any pearls of wisdom.
  17. Chris!

    Working great.

    Awesome stuff. I rather like Flirc too :)
  18. Hmm, frustrating. Next thing to do would be to check whether the flirc is working. Have you got another computer you could test it on to see if the same thing happens (preferably a different hardware configuration). Sorry you haven't had the best Flirc experience - don't worry though, we won't leave you hanging :)
  19. Chris!

    Working great.

    Basically this guide: but instead of: it would be: (For Linux and Mac) ./flirc record backspace [/code] (For Windows) [CODE] flirc.exe record backspace Let us know how it goes :)
  20. Can you perhaps try running ubuntu on the system so we can narrow down if it is an operating system issue or a hardware issue
  21. Very interesting theory. Makes sense to me.
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