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  1. Hi Nikkson, If you still have trouble after trying to program on your laptop, try contacting Jason for the older firmware: http://flirc.tv/contact/ Regards, Chris
  2. Hi, sorry your flirc experience isn't going smoothly. I have a few suggestions that may help: The first part where you press a button and get a response from flirc then press the button again and get no response - could you try the steps in this help document? (https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/201366933-Double-Key-Presses) As for the second part: "A total different number shows up" - i'm not sure what to suggest, aaaaaaaages ago we had a sensitivity settings. But that got retired a long time ago as it wasn't working that great. I'll point Jason to this thread, i'm he'll have a more knowledgeable response.
  3. If you're using the XBMC profile in harmony remote then you don't need to assign keys to the flirc - we've done that for you. (just ensure "built in profile" is enabled in the flirc gui (file ---> advanced settings) Is the flirc recognised in the device manager for the windows 7 enterprise machine? (this is the HTPC?) What device did you program the flirc with, does flirc control that computer fine? Depending on your answers it may be an issue with flirc and windows, if so check here: https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/200286467-Windows Let us know how you get on either way :)
  4. Probably. There has to be a signal for it to respond to. I wrote a guide for the harmony 300 (as that's the remote I have) - it might help: https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204311525-Adding-functions-to-Flirc-s-XBMC-Kodi-Harmony-Profile
  5. You can turn off the built in profiles in the advanced settings (file --> advanced settings). Then you can assign the keys you want using one of the controllers in the GUI.
  6. Have you tried fresh batteries in the remotes that didn't work? The requirements for a remote would be to an IR remote control, and around a frequency of 38khz - though most remotes are around this.
  7. It should have definitely worked with the sony one. What device are you using to program flirc? (Windows 7 or 8/mac/linux?) Where were you programming it? (When programming flirc is extremely sensitive, strong lights and 3D TVs can interfere). This is most odd.
  8. Strange. What firmware number is flirc running? (opening the Flirc gui and look in the bottom left of the screen when Flirc is plugged in) Other quick steps to get it working would be to download the latest flirc gui, then force upgrade the firmware And also clear the configuration Let us know how you get on
  9. I wouldn't have even suggested that, just as well you solved it :)
  10. Further to that he's out knowledge base article on controllers in the flirc gui: https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/202923419-Controller-presets-in-Flirc-GUI
  11. I haven't done a guide on keyboard combinations. Rather than pressing one button on the virtual keyboard in flirc gui, press more than one e.g. Press ctrl and c on flirc's virutal keyboard then press the remote button you want to pair that combination to
  12. Thanks for the follow up. Can do that by assigning a keyboard combination to open an app. You might need to add a button to the harmony profile (I wrote the guide the other day). Then map the keyboard combination in flirc to the button.
  13. I'm afraid only Jason can answer that, me and Yawor just help out where we can on the forums and the knowledge base. I'll ping Jason about this thread, he isn't ignoring you - he just gets very busy sometimes.
  14. Awesome!!!!! So to recap, do you reckon the issue was with interference in the room? And this was solved by putting the flirc in a cabinet?
  15. I'll be honest, i've been on the forums since they first started (too many years for me to say) and I haven't seen anyone else you flirc in this way. In fact Flirc was designed long before the raspberry pi was even announced so we're always seeing different products being used with Flirc Keep us posted on your findings
  16. It doesn't matter as it functions to connect the CPU to the heatsink - the heatsink in this case being the case (or built into the case).
  17. Hi, not sure how much flirc needs but a powered USB hub would help (if this was the cause). We see this kind of issue with the raspberry pi when people use inferior power supplies. Here's the link to our help document about raspberry pi power problem: https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200949338-Flirc-not-working-as-expected-with-Raspberry-Pi
  18. Great! Any chance of a step by step screenshot? (there are bound to be other users who will have a harmony ultimate) Don't worry if you don't have time. Happy Flirc-ing :)
  19. I had no idea so I asked Jason: One side of the pad is sticky, you need to peel both sides off though.
  20. How strange. I would have thought they would keep it consistent across remotes. I don't have access to that harmony remote so can't help directly, i've found a help document on their website (http://support.myharmony.com/en/understanding-harmony-activities) does it help? Sorry I can't be of more help :(
  21. I suspect power supplied by the adapters USB port isn't good enough for Flirc (which doesn't use that much power)
  22. If you used the flirc profile in myharmony then you shouldn't need to pair them using the Flirc GUI. Your Flirc may have recorded a lot of background noise. Try opening the Flirc GUI, file menu ---> Clear configuration. When recording commands with flirc we sometimes need to be careful (with respect to background noise) as flirc is tuned to be sensitive so as to pick up many different types of remote. When everything is recorded then you don't need to be as careful. Did this help?
  23. Fresh off the press: Adding functions to Flirc's XBMC/Kodi harmony profile let me know if there are any problems
  24. Oops, missed this part: Should work fine. https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200904676--OD-Getting-flirc-to-wake-up-your-computer [Edit: Just updated all the images so they're no longer out of date too - let me know of any issues]
  25. One of the neatest feature I didn't discover for a while with harmony is the ability to change what device controls the volume. e.g. you can have it so every profile on the remote uses the TV profile when you press the volume button. I made a video for a user a while back, hopefully it helps explain it better: Sure, remember - Flirc is a keyboard. First up we'll have to add further buttons to the remote as we don't have lots and lots on the XBMC profile (see here for how to do it) Then you can assign a keyboard combination to open an app (See here) Then using the remote buttons you programmed onto the harmony in step 1, open the flirc gui and assign the keyboard combination you chose in step 2. Does this help? If you were feeling super generous, I would really appreciate some screenshots of the steps you take on windows. Unfortunately I don't have access to a windows computer. I'll do the mac side of things. Then i'll make a help document out of it and put it on our help desk - I think it would beenfit loads of users. Don't feel you have to though. :) [Edit] I'm just writing a guide now, it should be up within an hour.
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