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  1. Oh I see. Thanks for the explanation. This isn't possible at the moment. I know i've suggested this before... but: Could you not map one button on your remote to ctrl+shift+a, or have I missed something in my previous posts? Why does it need to be three buttons on your remote?
  2. Hmm. I'm confused - don't worry happens far to easily with me. If your remote sends 3 separate signals then you could map each signal to a different button. Do you press three different keys on your remote? If you mapped CTRL+SHIFT+A in the Flirc GUI to one button on your remote then flirc will send CTRL+SHIFT+A Sorry for my confused state p.s. Is it this remote?
  3. Hu dihu, welcome to the forums, You are right, Flirc does send them all at once, it's a similar problem to windows media center () where the buttons need a slight gap between them. Jason is aware of the issue (page-2#entry2362) so hang tight, but as for the timeline of when it will materialise... I couldn't say. Out of curiosity what application are you trying to control?
  4. Oops! My bad. I don't think XBMC ships with them, you have to put one there if you want to change the default behaviour (http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Keymap#Location_of_keymaps). You can download the keyboard.xml from the XBMC github repo: https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/blob/Eden/system/keymaps/keyboard.xml May I ask how you navigated to " /data/org.xbmc.xbmc/files/.xbmc/userdata/" I've got a Galaxy nexus but struggled to get anywhere, do you have to be rooted?
  5. Apparently it's "noop". I just had to look it up here:http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Keymap so it would be: <escape>noop</escape> Oh yeah, I forgot. The back and exit button in the XBMC preset in Flirc are mapped to the same button (exit). If you want separate back and exit functions on your remote - use the full keyboard. Sorry! Hope you're enjoying your Flirc otherwise :)
  6. As usual some top notch help from Burke :) He is also correct to doubt the "Back" part: <back>info</back> What you'll notice about the keyboard.xml (which is what you'll be using for Flirc as it appears as a keyboard) is that the brackets "<" and ">" contain keyboard buttons. Back isn't a keyboard button but an XBMC function. I imagine the XBMC profile (intended to make programming easier) has caused some confusion as a lot of users don't do the advanced settings you are :). The XBMC preset matched up the appropriate keyboard button to the function in XBMC. So when you programmed back in the flirc GUI it sends backspace. So the line for the keyboard.xml you want is: So what this line of code is saying: When in fullscreen video, when backspace is pressed display info. Does this help? +1 for Burke's thread on customisation in XBMC too (see his signature). Should you want to experiment further.
  7. Not a great solution but a solution of some kind none the less: Try adjusting the sound level in the software you are using. e.g. XBMC th e "-" and "+" keys function as volume changers.
  8. Hi again Sam :) That's strange. Try going into the harmony software, troubleshooting --> "my remote doesn't send keys, or it sends too many" reduce that to 0 Does that help? You wouldn't necessarily need to delete the harmony remote keys (although you can do that all in one go by going into the file menu then "clear configuration"). Try adding the apple remote to keys in the flirc software (even if they've previously been programmed to the harmony remote) Chris
  9. Glad it's working. It's likely due to the profile (device) you have your remote set to. We recommend TV profiles as they tend to repeat the signal they send when they are held down. Try a TV manufacturer that isn't the same as the TV you use (e.g. If you have a Sony TV, use a Samsung profile)
  10. Hi Jmhthefirst, I like to believe the reason most people don't follow some of the threads up is because flirc is working fine with there remote. That said let's try some stuff to see if we can't get flirc and philips remote working for you. 1) Clear the configuration (in the flirc gui: file ---> clear configuration) 2) try programming the arrow keys on your remote to direction up, down, left and right. 3) Open a file browser (e.g. finder on mac, windows explorer on windows... etc), try using the direction arrows. Any luck?
  11. Look out for new firmwares from the blog (http://blog.flirc.tv) or via social media accounts such as twitter (http://www.twitter.com/flirc) or google+ (https://plus.google.com/103953739500646993437/posts)
  12. Thanks for posting. This is why we are using distributors now instead of sending them all from the U.S. http://www.flirc.tv/distributors
  13. @rbridd: This is something i'd never considered in the past but will from now on. Makes sense. Thanks for posting :)
  14. Another interview with Jason that throws up a little bit of what's happening at the moment: http://www.thepowerbase.com/2013/03/taking-control-interview-with-flirc-creator-jason-kotzin/
  15. Should be somewhere around: Android/data/org.xbmc.xbmc/files/.xbmc/userdata/ Might be a bit tricky getting there
  16. Hi guys, There will be a new Flirc GUI with the new flirc firmware (that will correct some errors in the previous XBMC preset), hence the delay in the new firmware. There is another delay in the new firmware but that isn't related to any Flirc feature but is really awesome all the same. I hope you're enjoying your Flircs
  17. Sorry but this isn't available at the moment
  18. Does Flirc work with eventghost? Yes, but you'll need to change some eventghost settings (see link below). (Thanks burke and JustinSane)
  19. Hi Castinatorcxc, Could you try reloading the firmware to the Flirc, program again and see if it forgets commands still? (Firmware can be found here: http://blog.flirc.tv/library-version-history/ (version 1.0) )
  20. Just keyboard. Flirc appears as a generic USB keyboard - so that all OSs will work easey peasy. Sorry it doesn't help :(
  21. @nbottaro: Just a passing thought. Have you tried checking the setting "remote sends keyboard presses" in XBMC (settings ---> systems ---> Input devices). Does that make it work?
  22. Sorry, I did look into this but forgot which thread your question was in. It's weird isn't it, the Back button seems to be an entirely new button. According to the Android emulator "esc" will function as back but i'm assuming that is emulator only. The other way I can think of is if you can get keyboard.xml into XBMC on android so you can set "esc" to be back also. Not sure how to do this (need a file explorer?) Perhaps you would have more luck asking on the XBMC for android forums (or I can ask for you).
  23. Hi Graham, We like this suggestion too :) It's been suggested a while back () but Jason has been hard at work trying to improve the firmware on the Flirc itself (for a better Flirc experience after it's been programmed. Rest assured your suggestion is on the list. Hope you're enjoying your Flirc
  24. Awesome post Ron! Always nice to see uses for Flirc that I would never think of :) Shame about the hauppauge remote.
  25. Good plan, I have mentioned this thread to Jason. We'll get you guys running don't worry :) @kalhimeo: In the mean time can you try re-uploading the firmware then clearing the configuration - in case the firmware has randomly corrupted itself (very rare) Sorry about this guys and gals!
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