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  1. The problem lies in that you can get into the bios menu with flirc plugged in. If you could then it would show up in the boot menu ( seconds in). Do you have a USB memory stick, does that cause booting up to fail. It might be worth emailing ZOTAC to see if they have any tidbits of information I've never seen anything thing like the issue you're having as bios is always accessible - it's just one of those things like gravity always keeping you on the ground.
  2. I've highlighted the thread to Jason. @zaphodFlirc: Sorry for getting mixed up with the power supply issue - I should read things more carefully :)
  3. Wow this really is a puzzler. I've just re-watched your videos and it really does mess things up - it doesn't compain that there is no OS on Flirc, it just sits there. Shouldn't be as Flirc doesn't use LIRC. All that is on the device itself - it just turns up as a USB keyboard. One thing I did perhaps notice (or couldn't see correctly) - the initial bootloader part (zotac screen) is really quick. How did you get into the BIOS settings before? When do you press the key combo for the BIOS screen, when the zotac boot image is shown?
  4. Hmm. Driver issues... I don't have an informed opinion on these (I don't have access to a windows machine and sometimes it seems to depend on the motherboard) The flirc GUI program isn't running in the background? When you program using the netbook, what happens when you take the flirc out and put it into the windows 7 computer? Does Arrows and enter quit after a random set of time? (like they did when you programmed it on the windows 7 computer) We definitely want this too :D Do both Flircs exhibit this behaviour or is it just one?
  5. Could do but we'll keep it around just in case :) (We have top men working on it right now. who Top. Men.)
  6. I replied to this video on youtube
  7. Oh yes, sorry I meant to reply to zaphodFlirc. I know Jason has some new firmware coming soon to address some issues, it might have a fix in it for your issue. Hopefully this will be soon or Jason will reply to this thread soon
  8. Oh no... they should be as simple as my video. Something must be up with yours - I can understand the "office-space" situation. We'll make sure we get some working ones to you (they are tested before they leave us - but rarely go bad not long after). In the meantime could you try doing the following steps - then we'll know if they're definitely broken: 1) Open Flirc GUI for windows/mac/linux: http://www.flirc.tv/downloads/ 2) Plug in Flirc (may start behaving erratically still but try to persevere) 3) Grab version 1.0 of the flirc firmware here: http://blog.flirc.tv/library-version-history/ 4) Load firmware onto flirc using "upgrade firmware" in the Flirc GUI 5) Clear the configuration (file --> clear configuration) 6) Close the Software and take Flirc out of the machine 7) Put Flirc back in the machine and open the software and try and program arrow up, arrow down, arrow left and arrow right. Then switch to windows file explorer and click on an object once and try and move it about using your remote buttons assigned to arrow up etc (like you would if you were using a keyboard). If that doesn't work and it's still misbehaving, could up share your configuration with us using the forum (file ---> save configuration). Also, what remote control are you using?
  9. Sounds like the culprit. Not all power supplies are created the same. Jason's explanation: Here are some other threads that have reported power-supply related raspberry pi problems:
  10. Sorry for my late reply but I thought i'd give it a go too. I get exactly the same thing (using beta firmware 1.1). Although if you bring up the control display before pressing flirc stuff then it responds better but is still really unusable. I also tried getting a USB keyboard and attaching it to my mac - that behaved fine. It's really strange that Flirc is the only one acting weird. I'll move this thread to bugs forum so Jason can have a look at it at some point. I'm perplexed
  11. Oh no! Let's sort this out What remote are you using to control flirc?
  12. Ah yes, just checked. I've reported it as an issue (you are using the beta firmware aren't you?): The exit button on harmony remotes should be mapped to Esc not backspace. We'll get it sorted for the firmware going stable :)
  13. Yep, you'll want to make the sata drive the primary (or master) boot drive. Then all other devices mounted should be the 2nd, 3rd etc option. Take a picture of the bios screen if you're still struggling, post it in this thread and we'll help :)
  14. Let us know how you get on. It's usually better to not think too hard as Flirc is meant to be simple :)
  15. Hi Cindy, welcome to the forums, You are correct, there is nowhere that tells you what is mapped to what button. Though as Flirc sends keyboard pressed to the computer you can open a word processing app - or notepad - and press buttons on the remote and it will display what flirc is sending (also accessibility keyboards in various OSs do a great job) I've pointed out a few of my issues with the harmony setting here: Please feel free to add to it if you find anything else. Pleasant regards :)
  16. Yup, looks like it. I'll keep an eye on the new beta's so it doesn't creep it's way into the next release Thanks for reporting, How are you find Flirc in general though?
  17. Old Beta's are depreciated when new ones come out. Check out here: There's a thread I started so I could direct people interested in Flirc to it to see if it would be suitable for them... like an amazon review. If you feel like formatting your post as described and adding it that would be super :) Pleasant regards
  18. Interesting stuff. I'll have to check if we can distribute keymaps through the play store as i'm sure a lot of users won't want to root (and many will have no problem). Really should get myself an android media box or something of android that I can plug a flirc into
  19. This is awesome - glad someone found the time to post a great guide. I'll be directing people here for android related things :) I saw a video of the Ouya launcher... seemed an acquired taste.
  20. Are you using the harmony settings: Manufacturer: Flirc Device: XBMC This is beta firmware and is still a bit rough around the edges. I still recommend this device for now: http://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/topic/22-harmony-remotes/ Then you assign any function in the harmony software to a button (doesn't matter what) then assign that button using the flirc software to win key + 1 ()
  21. Like this? Using this method you can start XBMC from windows. You could then use the XBMC shutdown menu to close XBMC and return to the desktop Does this answer you question?
  22. Hi Cal, I've quickly googled it. You'll need to assign a keyboard combination to the app you want to open (http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=109&t=114955) then assign this combination to a remote control button using the Flirc gui. I don't have access to a linux computer at the moment. Does it work though?
  23. Sorry I got it mixed up. But those are the shortcuts, see XBMC wiki: http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Keyboard Perhaps you don't have chapters in your video file. Did you experience these issues on your windows computer too. I would say 9/10 times the issues with flirc and the raspberry pi can be attributed to the power supply not supplying the required amount of current.
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