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  1. Quick update - the recommendation that @splice provided did in-fact resolve my issue. I have not had any issues with the my original config since updating the firmware. Appreciate everyone's help here :D
  2. Ok so not sure what TF happened but like 3 hours after updating the FW on my remote, it started worked as intended. Not sure if it's a fluke or what, haha. I'll follow up again tonight or tomorrow to verify it is working properly now.
  3. @Benjamin Metzler - Thanks for the clarity. I've been using these discrete codes on the power button for some time now as a work around to making use the TV and AVR keep their states synchronized. I went your route of setting up the yellow color button to map "power on" for the TV and AVR via discrete codes and "power down" is mapped to green. This is working for now and the girlfriend is happy, haha! @splice - so I took your advice and updated the remote firmware to 4.12.12 and no dice. It is as if the remote reverts to state 1 of "power on" after a short time. *shrug* I really appreciate the tip on this and I'll keep an eye out for future updates!
  4. So the reason I have the TV power toggle option set on "power down" is because I have CEC enabled so the AVR is turned off when the TV is powered down. I set up my "power on" options to have the TV and AVR come on at the same time because CEC would take up to 15 seconds to tell the AVR to power on as well. Could you explain what you mean by the discrete power off codes? Do you just mean the power off command that's associated with the TV and AVR config? I think you're right in going the route of just using one of the color buttons to say "send the power off command regardless of current power state."
  5. Hey team, First off, I wanted to relay how much I love the Skip 1s for my theater. I can't wait to see how the remote matures over the rest of the year. The one issue I'm encountering is how the remote handles powering down my TV and AVR at the time same. So the behavior I'm experiencing today is this. 1. TV and AVR are powered off 2. Pressing the Power Button on the remote will turn on the TV followed by the AVR immediately after. 3. When pressing the power button after watching TV/playing games/etc. instead of sending the "power down" commands the remote sends the "power up" button config. This makes my AVR show "Main: Power On", but if I press the power button a second time, it sends the "power down" commands correctly. Is this intended functionality or is there something I need to set on the remote config to make sure that it sends the proper commands. I'm leaning towards there's an issue with my config because I had issues with the TV and AVR having their power states stayed synced when using the "power toggle" option. So the way it's set today is like this: Power Up TV Power On - Repeat 1x; Wait 0s AVR Power On - Repeat 1x Power Down TV Power Toggle I hope my explanation makes sense, haha. Let me know if you need any additional information! Theater.skip
  6. Yes I do! I'll give the remove/reinstall suggestion a try and follow up. As for Steam, is there any recommendation on having the remote be ignored by Steam?
  7. Hey folks! I'm still struggling to connect Skip 1s remote to my desktop. I ran a Powershell command to watch the log file in real-time and what I'm seeing looks like the app is constantly trying to find a remote to connect. The same entry in the log appears over and over again: 2023-03-02 18:47:14 2023-03-02 18:54:38 RN C:\buildkite-agent\builds\Flirc-Windows-2\flirc-inc\remote-application\desktop\src\helpers\FlircHidApi.js:44 JB75TT8QCJJYGLXK INFO Searched|for|available|devices,|found|5|available|devices|to|connect. Microsoft|Windows|NT|10.0.19044.0|x64 #hidapi I'm starting to think maybe one of my USB devices is causing this conflict with the app. Anyway, I've attached the .log file for review as well. Any assistance would be appreciated! flirc20230302.log
  8. Here ya go! flirc20230226.log
  9. I did not. Initial app install was this afternoon about 30 minutes before posting above. I was able to get it working on my laptop at about a 90% successful connection rate. Desktop on the other hand just simply does not recognize the remote as being connected.
  10. Hey everyone! Just received my Skip 1s on the 25th and running into issues on the latest beta. My device connected once right after a reboot and has since refuse to connect. I can hear the USB connect/disconnect sound from Windows but the Skip app only shows a flicker of being connected for less than a 1/2 second. Let me know what info you need from me and I'll gladly pull that for ya.
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