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  1. 1666951558_RegistryComputer-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-SYSTEM-CurrentControlSet-Control-Class.mp4
  2. I just uninstalled Asus Armoury Crate with the official uninstaller from Asus and restarted my PC, then went through this same process. I'm uploading the screen recordings of the "USB Input Device Properties" and "HID-compliant vendor-defined device Properties" windows. I'm running into the same roadblock with Process Explorer, though. No results for the Physical Device Object name from either the USB or HID windows for the 20A0 device. No results when I just search "20A0" (without the quotes) either. Also, just like for @theboomr, the Physical Device Object name in the "HID-compliant vendor-defined device Properties" window is increasing by 1 digit each time I plug it back in. It was "000000e3" when I first looked at it tonight, then it was "000000e5" during the screen recording, and now it's "000000e7". I made sure I was looking at the correct 20A0 device as well, because it only appears when the Skip 1s is plugged in. In my case, its Hardware ID is VID\20A0&PID_0008&REV_0200. P.S. In case this matters, there are actually two other 20A0 devices in the list which aren't the Skip 1s. For both of them, the "Bus reported device description" says "flirc" (so they're apparently both for the Flirc USB for some reason). The 1st one's Hardware ID is VID_20A0&PID_0006&REV_0200&MI_01 The 2nd one's Hardware ID is VID_20A0&PID_0006&REV_0200&MI_02 There might be two listings for the Flirc USB because I normally have it plugged into a USB hub connected to a rear USB port, but right now I have it plugged into my PC's front USB header. At least, that's the only explanation I can think of. (I don't know if this matters at all, but all of the 20A0 devices list the value "steamxbox" in the "Class lower filters" property and one of the other alphabet soup properties. I haven't had Steam running during any of this process tonight. It isn't set to start with Windows.) P.P.S. In case it needs to be stated, after uninstalling Armoury Crate, the Skip 1s is still not connecting when running Skip App 0.9.4. It does the same thing it did before - flashing as though it's connected for a split second before returning to "Remote is not connected" and "Offline". 742990504_USBInputDevicePropertiesUSBVID_20A0PID_0008REV_0200USBPDO-19.mp4 165265562_HID-compliantvendor-defineddevicePropertiesHID_VID_20A0PID_0008REV_0200000000e5.mp4
  3. I'll give it a shot when I get back from work tonight. Also, I do have an Asus motherboard and the Armoury Crate bullshit installed to control its RGB, so I'll try Skip App v0.9.4 again after uninstalling that. I'll have to reinstall it eventually to have proper control of my motherboard's built-in RGB though, so hopefully Skip App can be updated to run simultaneously with it (if it is what's been causing this problem). @dnalloheoj It's been a while since I installed Armoury Crate, so I can't remember if it gave me much control over how many of its "features" it would install.
  4. I've attached all of the requested screenshots (I think. I might have missed a step catching up with the recent posts.). Hopefully these help. Let me know if there's some other info you could use.
  5. Only 1 remote shows up in the drop-down for me, too. 2 screenshots - one before plugging in the remote and one after. I can try downloading that USB device tree viewer software later if you could use an additional set of reports, but for now I'm going to bed.
  6. Just tried again, this time with SkipApp- The behavior is slightly different than with the previous version. Initially, the bottom center of the window will say "OFFLINE", and then after plugging in the remote, it will switch to "Ø CONNECTING". It usually stays there seemingly indefinitely though, and is grayed out. When it doesn't stay on "Ø CONNECTING", it just switches back to "OFFLINE". Two log files this time. The first attempt was in Windows 10 Safe Mode with networking, and the second was back in normal Windows 10 after a reboot. The files are both bigger than the 2.27 MB filesize limit, so I'm including a Google Drive link instead: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1OL5laBp0DFFqwEvY0OChtOZBMqtvSOgE?usp=sharing I'm running this on an Administrator account, and I didn't have the Flirc USB app running. I only had one instance of the SkipApp running, and I'm not even sure what the skip color picker is because I haven't done anything else with the software except try to get it to see my remote. I do have Malwarebytes installed, but it hasn't yelled at me about SkipApp, so I assume it hasn't interfered. I haven't been experiencing any USB issues with my PC other than this.
  7. If it's a permission issue, it might be related to the way MSIX installers work on Windows 10. I don't know how they work on Windows 11, but on Windows 10 there's no "Run as Administrator" option in the right click menu for MSIX, unlike EXE files which do have that option. This is just a shot in the dark though. I've never encountered MSIX installers before.
  8. @jason @theboomr is experiencing this issue on Windows 11 according their earlier comments in this thread. "Windows 11 Insider, version 22H2, build 25276.1000"
  9. Ok, I just tried it again with Seems like the possible improvement from pressing the "colors" button before connecting wasn't real, just a coincidence. The remote connects for a few seconds whether I press any buttons on it right before plugging it in or not. Here's the new log: flirc20230116.log
  10. is doing the same thing for me as it did for theboomr - remote is detected for a couple seconds, then it disconnects. Interestingly, it seemed like the remote wasn't being detected at all (or at least not consistently) when I would just plug it in without pressing any buttons on the remote, but then I think I was able to get it to show up consistently by doing this: 1) Press "colors" button on remote 2) Connect remote to USB cable while color LEDs on remote are illuminated 3) Skip App detects remote for a few seconds (roughly the amount of time that the LEDs are illuminated) 4) Skip App loses connection to remote Here's the log file: flirc20230116.log
  11. I posted in theboomr's previous thread. I'm experiencing the same issue - Skip App v0.9.4 can't detect the Skip 1s for more than a fraction of a second. Looks like BryanL on page 1 of this thread is dealing with this too. I would upload a log, but I don't know how to get one from the software (assuming it's even creating a log for this, since the software doesn't crash when the remote fails to connect). I'm running the app on Windows 10, version 21H2, build 19044.2486. It's a custom-built PC, not a prebuilt.
  12. Sorry I don't have an answer for you. I just signed up for the forum to report that I'm experiencing the exact same issue, and that I also tried the things you mentioned. I really hope someone can help. It's quite frustrating. Also, in case it's an important piece of information, I'm experiencing this issue on Windows 10, version 21H2, build 19044.2486.
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