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  1. I am indeed accepting the request. I removed all versions, rebooted, installed the new one, rebooted, and tried to plug in the remote with failure. when I plug it in I see the briefest of flashes of the gui but it never detects the remote. I saw it popup in the windows dialog saying "installing skip1s" but that was it. I still got a UAC prompt when I plugged it in (that I accepted)
  2. I get a UAC prompt when I plug in my remote. Application does not detect it. on the USB tab I can see a skip 1s in the device list but it refuses to connect. flirc20230304.log
  3. stuck at not connected. Not seeing it flash "connected-not connected-connected-not connected" like it did a few versions ago.
  4. None of these versions worked for me.
  5. had to zip the logs, they hit 2.9mb. no dice. flirc20230116.zip
  6. New update still not working. flirc20230115.log
  7. custom build. desktop, asus tuf z590, i9-11900kf, 32gb ram, rtx 3090. not sure all of what youre looking for here. I've tried using a c<=>c cable and an c<=>c cable, same outcome. tried using mobo ports and hub on monitor.
  8. I can try and link up with you for a remote session, how should we link up?
  9. This is a UWP app, so W10+. I'm guessing the W7/8 listing is a hold over from the OTHER stuff that still uses the classic installer(s), e.g. the FLIRC.
  10. Log file is stored here: %localappdata%\Packages\1ee3f564-2cd0-4ef3-af35-da985b1d7f00_sddpyax1dmvqm\LocalState I've the same issue, with new version as well; using same cable that works via the MacOS VM. For some reason I cannot upload any files to the forum, heres this instead https://pastebin.com/FApn7Rjd. It says "1 file would exceed the total allowed size of 71.315kB, and was skipped" when I try to upload ANY files or pictures.
  11. We're all a little crazy. my download was stale I guess. Version from this afternoon, and another from just now. https://i.imgur.com/0ineVQV.jpg Removed the old one, and installed the newest one (that is signed). Same behavior, remote not detected, flashes momentarily that it might be detected but goes back to undetected. Separate question - is it possible to download the config from a remote?
  12. It appears this misx isnt signed at all, I'm unable to install it.The error when trying to install the MSIX is: This app package’s publisher certificate could not be verified. Contact your system administrator or the app developer to obtain a new app package with verified certificates. The root certificate and all immediate certificates of the signature in the app package must be verified (0x800B010A) I drag and dropped the files into the existing directory, so I wouldnt trust this for reliable testing. I dont see that popup error anymore, but it flashes twice between "Remote is connected" "Remote is not connected" on the bottom left corner every time I plug in the remote, ultimately not being connected.
  13. I folded and ended up installed a Mac VM and forwarded the device to it. Not an ideal solution but it appears I can program this thing now.
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