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  1. I'm also using with a shield, and have an almost identical setup to the way you are using it. I noticed that it was freezing up regularly using the back button, but that just popped up over the last few days. I barely use my Skip, sadly, because it's just not that good (I have another remote I use with my FLIRC USB and it works flawlessly, without needing complete line of site.... the Skip needs to be pointed "just right" in order to work. So I thought it might be batteries, replaced those, still having the issue. Finally, I synced today and upgraded the firmware to the latest, and that does seem to have fixed it, but it still doesn't make sense how the freezing was not an issue until recently. I also noticed that the select button (using the Shield profile for it) doesn't work on the on screen keyboards in native Android TV applications. Not a huge issue, because I always have my phone I can use to send text, but it is a little annoying. I suspect that is an android issue, not a Skip/Flirc issue.
  2. I wasn't able to run the updated installer until I forced it to run in Administrator mode. Maybe try that?
  3. I somehow ended up creating my remote twice....but I can't figure out how to remove the profile that I'm not using. Not a major issue, but an annoyance.
  4. Thats always how it goes. I used to test video games for bugs, and there was always something we would miss that was so miniscule. Will the update be available in the application or is it going to be a manual download?
  5. I decided not to cancel and I did get my remote today. Waiting for the Windows 11 issue to be sorted out.... I like the remote but I do wish there was some more back lighting behind the number keys (and other keys as well) Looking forward to getting it set up.
  6. Yes, it opens and stays up until I plug in the remote, then it crashes out. Windows 11.
  7. I can get it to stay open, but as soon as I plug in my remote, it crashes out. Running Windows 11, app version 0.9.0 beta
  8. Received my remote today... opened the software and plugged the usb cable in, and the software closes immediately... any suggestions?
  9. I have been following but I had not downloaded the software. I just did so and have been playing with it. Is there any update at all on shipping dates?
  10. I ordered this back when it was first announced.... and haven't heard anything since, except "It's coming" I love my FLIRC receiver, but the more I hear about this remote, the less interested I am. I was dazzled by the idea of it, but I didn't stop to look at the actual product, and I'm experiencing buyers remorse.
  11. Do we have an approximate shipping date yet?
  12. I have a FLIRC USB but I wasn't sure if the remote itself supported keyboard mapping since it had it's own programming tool.
  13. Will there be input commands for keyboard emulation or Kodi?
  14. Pre-ordered mine, looking forward to it. I've used the FLIRC for years now but I've been on a constant search for the perfect remote to use, there always seems to be something missing. Hopefully this one does the trick. Curious, is the remote smooth or textured, or grippy? Or something else? I have sensory OCD issues and I find myself rubbing the plastics. On most of my other remotes I've tried, I either pick up a silicone textured case, or use calm strips on the back of them so I have something I can touch without wearing it out.
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