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  1. Actually my update is my flirc adapter is in is box. I use a rii i25 remote with its radio usb dongle as i used before buying the flirc. Thinking about selling it and buy a new i25 to avoid moving dongle from one room to another (used more often for controlling music) For me flirc remains unusable, when i bought it, i was expecting a plug n play solution but it s more a geek toy.
  2. Hi there I have the same behaviour with a panasonic vieja TV. Five month ago, i tried to setup FLIRC for my HTPC with Logitech Harmony Hub. I gave up after some crazy sessions trying to configure the device. Today i try to setup Flirc for Libreelec on PI4, same behaviour. The setup was impossible because of ghost events. FLIRC debug IR mode receive tons of signals. I was becoming mad when i search for the device responsible of it, i finally try setup on laptop and not on HTPC and when i turned off my TV there was no more ghost IR signal received. The odd thing is when there's no direct path between TV and FLIRC, it reflects on glass (windows, small table with glass on it, mirrors). @Polarfox when Jason talk about backlight i think it's not light behind TV but a technique where a light straighten image behind front screen (so a light send towards you). I will make setup with tv off and try to use FLIRC with TV on. Then if FLIRC don't work correctly trying to put it in an opaque pipe to see if i can get it better. Best regards PS : TV model used is TX-P50VT30E EDIT: I just tried what i suggest above : FLIRC Setup : OK with the pipe and TV ON FLIRC Use with nothing : Fail, flirc unusable, 1 of 10 try on the same command is caught by the FLIRC, 0 received for some other commands. FLIRC Use with a long pipe and a cover : OK, works perfectly even if remote is not exactly aiming directly into the tube So i will think of smaller pipe to see if i can get it work. @jason do you think of a way to ignore ghost events ? Is it possible to decrease FLIRC sensibility ? if not possible actually can it be a firmware improvment ? Best regards
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