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  1. I learned the signals from my Harmony to the FLIRC with my notebook in another room. FLIRC is working correctly on my notebook. I checked this with the FLIRC software. Every click on my harmony is display on the on screen keyboard. After that i plug in the FLIRC in my HTPC. FLIRC is not working reliable. This means that some clicks on my Harmony works, but some not. When i look with the FLIRC software in device logging mode, i see that FLIRC is receiving some signals. Then i checked something else: I connected the FLIRC again to my notebook. FLIRC software again in device logging mode. I put the notebook behind the TV. FLIRC now can see the backlight, but no signals are detected. When i move the notebook in front of the TV, signals are detected by the software. It seems to be the panel of the TV. Is this possible?
  2. TV in anohter romm .. puhh. I tried the following: At night i switched off all the light in my room. I installed the FLIRC software on a notebook and activated the logging mode to see, when FLIRC see something. Then i searched for IR-signals. I received a lot of signals. When i switched off my TV i don't detect IR-signals! When i switch the TV on, the FLIRC software recognized again some IR-signals. TV off, lights on: no IR-signals. It seems that the TV sends some light that the FLIRC is seeing. Is this possible? I think many users who are using the FLIRC have a TV. I'am suprised about this behaviour. Greetings from Germany Joe
  3. Hi, "by a window": day or night it's the same behaviour --> i think that's not the problem "by a TV": of course i have a TV near by HTPC :), a Philips TV with ambilight (LED-light). Do you think that this can be the problem? "lights that may be flourescent": What do you mean with flourescent light?
  4. Hi, I've bought a FLIRC a few days ago for my HTPC. I installed the software V3.25.3 and updated the firmware to the newest V4.9.3. When i start the software i select under "controllers" the "full keyboard". My remote control is a harmony 650, but for the problem this doesn't matter. Now i click a key, for example the cursor up key. The software says "Press the button to be paired with 'up' ". After "a few seconds" the software send the message "recorded successfully" automatically. This happens without pressing a key on my remote control!! And this is the problem. I can't record the FLIRC correctly. When the time "a few seconds" is longer, then it's possible to record a key. The key works, but later in KODI the FLIRC does not work reliable. This means that some keys are working sometimes. I become crazy. Then i explored the software an i've seen the device log and enabled the ir debugging. Even though no key is pressed on the remote control some codes, for example ":e:68…" appears. They also appear when i press a key on the remote control, which i think is correct. But in my case this happens too when no key is pressed on the remote control. It's like FLIRC is receiving a ir-signal or it's not working correctly. Any idea? Regards Joe
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