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  1. I got the same--I checked the downloads with several AV programs and concluded that it was a false positive--annoying though it may be...
  2. When they rolled out Media Center, they had their dongle, their remote (the one that you have mapped in the choices of pre-programmed remotes) and a full sized wireless keyboard, that included all of the function keys on their remote, but that added a nipple mouse control on the upper right. Here's an Amazon link for the keyboard: https://www.amazon.com/Microsoft-Remote-Keyboard-Windows-ZV1-00004/dp/B000AOAAN8
  3. I bought this to replace my ancient MS Microsoft Media Center PC dongle that I have used with both a MS Media Center Remote AND the MS Media Center Keyboard for years. Now I find out that the advertised MS Media Center support is limited to the small remote. While you can go through the laborious process of key mapping to get the keyboard to function--the remote does not support the built-in nipple mouse of the MS keyboard. (And BTW having to map a full keyboard is just ridiculous--Apple can ID a keyboard by getting you to press two keys; Logitech can do the unified remote now with no clicking involved.) I suggest that your advertising needs to be changed to state CLEARLY that the extended MS Media Center keyboard/remote is NOT supported. Product is going back--why would I want less control over my Media center than I have had for over 10 years?
  4. I bought this receiver since it was advertised as Microsoft Media Center compatible. BUT (and a big one)-- It DOES NOT support the MS Media Center full keyboard with the nipple pointer that acts as a mouse--AND requires laborious key mapping for individual keys which is still not working correctly. So to me this product is a serious step backwards.
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