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  1. Sorry, I somehow missed your request for a team viewer session, but after seeing your last message, I did reboot and was able to install the new firmware successfully, and I'm good to go! Thanks so much for your help and quick responses!
  2. Were you able to glean anything out of this? I'm still broken on Dori with Windows.
  3. Sorry, I didn't know to look for it. Now that I do, it's too large to upload or even to paste here. Any suggestions?
  4. It won't let me copy or save the log to a file. All those options are grayed out. But it doesn't say much. Just that it's GUI version 3.25.0, Windows OS, ***Device Disconnected*** ***Device Connected*** Firmware Version:4.9.0 SKU: Flirc 2.0 [dori] Git Hash 0x5bc57f10 ERROR. Firmware upgrade required. (fw >=4.1.0) ***Device Disconnected***
  5. Eh...disregard this. I tried to manually upgrade, still got the same error. Closed out and back in the FLIRC software and still getting automatic upgrade attempts that fail. Will update the .ini now.
  6. After multiple rounds of unplugging and replugging in FLIRC, and closing out and reopening the software, it looks like the automatic firmware update worked. The FLIRC commands, still do not.
  7. I did. Closed out of FLIRC and re-opened. Firmware started downloading automatically. Got the same error. Tried to manually install the Dori file again. Says I'm disconnected. It's definitely plugged in...
  8. I am trying Dori. I got the error: "Could not upgrade firmware. Contact Support."
  9. Just seeing this. I'll give it a shot and let you know.
  10. So if I'm using a Harmony remote, I assume this means I have to delete Flirc as a device and then re-add it, and then add all of the commands to all of my activities and routines as well as re-map custom buttons?
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