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  1. Ok, here's the image I found for the Italian Keyboard layout. I don't know if this is what you're using or not. I want to know what keys you are binding to the "-" and "=". Here is the link to XBMC's keyboard shortcuts page btw. Are you hitting Shift and 0 in the Flirc GUI to bind Volume UP to "=", or equivalently just trying to bind it to "+"? Or are you trying to bind Volume UP and Down to "/" and that funny accented i ? ( The keys under ? and ^ , we have those in the US)
  2. Budwyzer

    new flirc issue

    The question isn't really What keys do the remote commands convert to, because they convert to whatever button you have selected in the Flirc GUI. The question is, what keyboard command codes is this beta software expecting for (PLAY/PAUSE/RW/FW/STOP) ? These command codes it is expecting may not be the same codes that the Flirc sends as its keyboard commands.
  3. There's really no way to tell if it will or not without testing it. Are you wanting the touchpad to work with the Flirc? Because that's a NoGo.
  4. Is it connected directly to a USB port (Are you using a USB extension cable)? Have you tried a different Port? What version USB is the port that you are using, 2 or 3? Do other things work in this port? (maybe it has peanut butter in it. It happens)
  5. Are you just plugging the thing in and expecting Windows to automatically find and install the drivers? Or have you downloaded the Software and manually installed the drivers? Because it sounds like the former.
  6. Does that even actually work for your SageTV box? 10 different codes per button can't be right. You would have to program each button 10 times in teh Flirc. I hope you're only going to use the arrows and select because you'll run out of room pretty quickly.
  7. Happy to help. Have you tried simply activating the "next subtitle" key in the FLIRC GUI ( whatever key this may be for whatever program you are using IE: XBMC or Plex), then pressing Yellow on the Harmony?
  8. Given the Amazon reviews this remote seems to have some issues. But the main website says the remote has learning capabilities. " Learning Copy functions of the original remote to the keypad of the Xsight No limitation for learning (32MB)" 32MB isn't precisely "No Limitation", but whatever. I am wondering, have you tried teaching the remote codes of the Harmony to the XSight? I understand this sounds like a lot of trouble, and may be more than you care to give a go, but it is still a possible solution.
  9. Is there a way to determine it the problem is caused by the remote control (which works fine with other devices btw) or by flirc (which works fine with other devices btw)? Fixed that, since you said it works with your Harmony remote, and that minor point is the issue here. makes it really tough to determine where the point of failure lies. Is it actually every single button press that gets rejected to pass along as a key stroke. But they all record fine? The only thing I can think of here is a lighting issue, but if it is rejecting every key press then there is just no way. Also, how does that XSight feel? I really like the look ( functionally, aesthetically, and ergonomically) of it over the harmony.
  10. See this forum topic for AutoHotKey. Which sounds really cool when combined with: AutomateIt & NFC Ring. Sorry, those have nothing to do with Flirc. Just liking all of the interconnectabilities. (totally a real word)
  11. We moved outta the apartment and bought a house. That little blue ball of light is a USB hub and the Flirc is actually plugged into the back of it and the signal bounces off of the wall to hit it. Now I just have to talk the wife into letting me build a custom entertainment center.... It's not so much the building it part, it's the purchasing all the new tools that are required to get to the building part. :D
  12. Budwyzer

    eSkRo's HTPC!!

    I like the above post! [MOD note - Post in question removed] Sidenote, really sweet HTPC! Other sidenote, what is that underneath the HTPC? It has this big flapping door on it. Do you insert HDDs into it??
  13. HD Tuner The rental fee, that you mention, confuses me.
  14. When they make a Harmony with a full QWERTY keyboard on the back, then I'll wait 5 years for it to drop below $500 and get one. :P
  15. I believe XBMC worked around doing this by enabling cable card support in the HTPC. So you don't actually control the external device in this case? TBH I'm not entirely sure on this. I haven't had cable since college, and that was only because it came with the dorm. Other than that, what else would you be controlling? Unless you have some Arduino stuff setup and programmed to run off of keyboard commands, that could be cool.
  16. Did not know the glasses themselves emit an IR signal, I'm guessing this is to communicate back with the TV to stay 'N Sync. :lol: As far as a tv interfering, every setup I've seen thus far, people tend to tuck their Flirc down into the entertainment center somehow, even if it is just plugged straight into the front USB port of the HTPC, and thus blocking the screen from direct LoS to the Flirc.
  17. Insurance. Wait, not that kind of collision?
  18. There is already a function in the GUI that when you press a key on your controller (or whatever you're binding the IR signals from) the corresponding programmed key will light up.
  19. I would ask that you're actually pointing it at the right part of the Flirc, but the Flirc is so gosh darn sensitive that surely this can't be the issue. (Have you tested this?) Also, that IR Blaster company says (this one) works better for some devices. So it may be that these two devices are incompatible. The fact that it's an IR Repeater though suggests that it should be sending out the exact same signal it is getting from the remote. Then again, I'm no scientist, well no officially.
  20. Find a big magnet and run it down the side of the PC tower. This will reset user config settings and wipe out his "road block", allowing you to access Youtube.
  21. I awhile back and Jason said he'll put it into a release. Mine Flirc is sitting to the way-side until it comes in and I'm just using a wireless keyboard. :mellow:
  22. It should give you metadata over a UPNP/DLNA network share. I used the PS3 more, so I know it would do this. But there is no reason to think the next generation of xbox would be worse at this. You could probably just invest in a decent NAS and put a Video Server program on it. I tried Plex on my DS212j, and it got all the info fine, the processor was just way too slow to do any transcoding. I'm standing by what I said about this just using one device to control another device, even though the control device could serve the same function. I know XBMC is customizable and pretty, but why turn on an extra power hungry device? Why isn't, "Xbox, open... movies. Play, Battleship." good enough? At this point, we still have no idea what UI will be like upon release, as well as how well network streaming will work. It's all up in the air until November (enter date here).
  23. I don't see why it wouldn't be directly supported. As long as you don't accidentally move and send out a signal while trying to program the Flirc. But, I'm wondering, why would you still need XBMC on a HTPC once you have an Xbone? Isn't that thing supposed to do, "TV" "TV" "TV", and the 360 did a decent job of seeing my network devices (even if it didn't support enough video file types). Also, doesn't the xbone have HDMI passthrough with CEC support? So that it could be controlled that way as well, I assume. Just saying, you're trying to tie together two devices that are essentially meant to do the same thing.
  24. Yeah, I've fallen for some of the Deadpool comics. And yeah, probably not much to do with Flirc, that's why I wanted it out of there because it definitely had nothing to do with that guy's Show Off thread. haha So people understand though, Chromecast does not stream media from your device, your device basically sends a URL to the chromecast and the dongle uses that URL to stream the attached video off of the web by itself. I'm looking into if I could grab a URL from media I have on a local NAS and have it stream that.
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