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  1. Why is this how to stickied if its not working/broken!!!!!! i thought this was a professional operation? a bit disappointing.. if its broke and cant be fixed. please delete this post! Thank you.
  2. sry for the late reply, i have 2 scripts running triggered by the callback add-on for xbmc, on screensaver on, a file is created and a 30 minut timer starts. if the file is still in place after 30 minuts, my amplifier get a IR command to shutdown. on screensaver off, the script removes the file. the 1st script then opun not finding it, does nothing, telling me enjoy my buissines. The reason i like to execute a command outside xbmc is because if i decide to play some vinyl after watching a serie, the timer will kill the amp. and removing the little file with an 3th script will let me enjoy my music without disruption. its not a big problem, maybe i have to rethink the whole process anyway. tnx for the link burke, it looks promissing, only thing thats not working is getting the escape code part ( im ssh-ing) but i read something on this forum about that, so ill digg some later. cheers!
  3. A yes, thats what i figured, then my problem is, besides only having novice knowlege of linux, that in order to "interpet" and reroute the keystrokes, you need somthing like gnome or kde. something that is running, but that is not the case on xbmcbuntu, so i thought maybe somebody here has a idea where to look. i guess im better of at the xbmc forum for linux. tnx.
  4. Hi, is it possible to trigger a script of some sort directly from Flirc without the use of some xbmc keymap.xml edditing? i like to execute something without xbmc "waking up" i run xbmcbuntu. How is Flirc "connected" to the system? does it act like a keyboard? i already asked in Ubuntu forums, not a real direct answer. maybe if i understand how flirc "talks" to the system, i can look for a simple program that might do the job.
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