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  1. Unfortunately my EventGhost hangs / freezes when I add the Generic HID plugin. (Tested on 2 machines, EventGhost freezes when adding).
  2. @yawor Tnx! That does the trick! Do you know if there is already a EventGhost plugin for Flirc? I want to know if it's viable to develop a plugin for EventGhost, so I don't have to work with keyboard presses. I rather not want to sacrifice keyboard buttons / combinations. At the moment I have used keys like 'Alt + Ctrl + 1', 'Alt + Ctrl + F5', 'Alt + Ctrl + PageUp' and a whole lot more. However my rm-f04 (shown above) remote control offers the whole set of buttons, times 4 (due to the contextual mode 'PVR / TV / DVD / AUDIO' buttons on top which enables the remote control to operate other devices). Let's say I use 41 buttons (bottom part not included), than this makes it effective 164 IR codes and thus 164 keyboard presses/combinations which I cannot use anymore by myself, because they are attached to EventGhost to process a task. What I rather want to is to have all infrared events from the Flirc, displayed as raw input in EventGhost. These raw inputs can than be used to trigger events. No keyboard keys will be used. I know the Flirc was designed to be seen as a keyboard for the Operating System. What do you think?
  3. Is there a way to retrieve the IR sequence from (or via) FLIRC (V2)? Like, I put flirc_util in 'record_ir' mode and I point my remote control onto FLIRC, and press a remote control button. Flirc_util will than show me the sequence that is necessary to put in flirc_util send_ir_raw .... (like in your example: http://cl.flirc.io/lrs8) Or is there a way to retrieve the current recorded IR sequence codes from FLIRC (V2)?
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