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  1. Anyone knows how I can open @jason my_flirc_config.fcfg file to see the mapped codes? I am trying to enter them into my hassio setup.
  2. So using Kodi codes from Global Cache I got the Volume Up to work but not volume down or mute...I'm assuming the FLIRC is not decoding my signals properly from my emitter... Would be easier if FLIRC GUI allows people to insert the codes directly into the buttons rather than emitting them. Much cleaner way...
  3. So if I get my codes from Global Cache library, can I just use your command prompt to insert them into my FLIRC?
  4. OK managed to map several keys: Cursor UP Cursor Down Cursor Left Cursor Right Cursor Enter Main Menu Back Can't get the following: Power Toggle or Power ON or Power OFF Volume Up Volume Down Mute Toggle Play Pause Stop Also wanted to get keyboard keys but dunno what are the codes for that...
  5. Been using Global Cache IP2IR with Homeseer for all my A/V devices. Now I got a new FLIRC to use with my Nvidia Shield TV. So far this is what I did: 1) Got the Nvidia Shield TV codes from Global Cache library. 2) Connected the FLIRC to my Nvidia Shield TV 3) Have one of my IP2IR IR emitters beside the FLIRC 4) Tried to send the code via Homeseer Global Cache Pro plugin but nothing happens
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